Communist Atrocity on Ambedkarite, a Buddhist


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Brothers are requested to come forward and unmask the true face of psedo-communists in India who on one hand say nothing on blasfemies in the Hindu religion but way ahead in murdering philosophy that promotes equality.

Help may be sent to ->

Birendra Bauddha,
C/0 K. L Biswas,
1/8, Tejas Nagar, Wadala, Mumbai-037

Tel 022248059

M 9969532119


Biren Help Appeal

One Response to “Communist Atrocity on Ambedkarite, a Buddhist”

  1. 1 Dr.ennaiah.ummadi.

    indian communist,maost moovements headed by upprt castes,they are very dangerous to s.c/st/obc/minorities.mulnivasis must be aware of maoists as as they are nothing but hindu militants ,i extend my solidarity to this brave couple.let us support yhis couple.jaibhim jai mulnivasi

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