Indian Carvar, Dadaji Khobragade awarded President’s medal; Alas its fake!


The Indian Carvar, a Dalit farmer Dadaji Khobragade has been awarded by Govt Of India with President’s Medal last month as part of the Krishi Bhushan Award after so many afforts from himself and friends, At Atrocitynews, we thank all of those  who could made Govt. OF India see his lustre.

Pic: Poor ScientistIndian carvar, DRK  in his lab

But sad story for (DRK rice and HMT) rice inventor continues as his subsistance happens in less than $ 1 a day.  It is noticed that the medal that he received is ‘fake’ gold medal, made it clear that the government of India is totally insensitive and deceased to roots due to not only caste virus but also corruption virus.

DRK (Dadaji Khobragade) has demanded a high-level probe into the matter to find out the culprit behind the demeaning act.

Khobragade, who has been given the award for the year 2006 for developing rice strain of HMT variety, has alleged that he had been told in writing that the medal being bestowed on him was of 14 carat gold weighing 50 gms. However, the poor farmer who has been fighting heavy odds and official apathy for several years now was shocked when he came to know that the medal was of inferior silver with a gold coating and not worth Rs 500.

The farmer from Nanded village in Nagbhid (Nagbhir*)  taluka of Chandrapur district had recently approached a local jeweller to find out if he could raise some cash by selling the medal as he needed money to buy some farm implements. However, this was not the first time Khobragade had been short-changed by authorities. The state-run Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth had earlier denied him all the credit and rewards due to him for developing the HMT rice when it staked the claim itself.

Khobragade, who had gone to the Krishi Vidyapeeth, was getting his rice variety tested was not given the necessary certification. It is public fact that the Agricultural University cheated DRK.

List of DRK inventions


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