Suryawada PIL filed


If readers remember there was  headless yet religious domatic  act of ‘purification by Cow urine’  in Suryawada, Maharastra two months back. The students were sprinked Cow urine by teacher in order to maintain purity in the premises as these ‘buddhist’female students belonged to ex-untouchable group. The shocks of caste system and associated practices are so crude that a sane human cannt help but  feel crying seeing dirty Indian Mind-set in 21st century. So much of ignorance!!

An action plan was deliberated to help the community. Atrocitynews  could follow up the case; the connected people-group filed the PIL in high court.  Thanks to them, the group keeps in touch with the community in Suryawada and gives them the confidence.

Please find the entire PIL filed in High Court below;

Page:          1                      2                        3                          4

Page:          5                      6                        7                          8

Page:          9                      10                        11                         

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