Khairlanji: The villains of Humanity


Criminal 1-Villain who raped Human values : Dharmapal Dhande

Criminal 2- CasteVillain Who raped Human Essence: Gopal Bijewar

Criminal 3- ‘Its my right to kill & rape them(Dalits); you cant do anything?’, Jagdish Mandlekar

Criminal 4 – Casting a Villain of Humanity: Purushottam Titirmare

Criminal 5 – Villian that can set disaster for newIndia easily: Ramu Dhande

Criminal 6-  Any Mother can feel shame on him: Sakru Bijewar

Criminal 7 -‘I am right’, Shatrughna Dhande

Criminal 8- ‘We dictate rules here’, Mahipal Dhande

Criminal 9- ‘A year gone, we roam free even after Raping & murdering them’, Vishvanath Dhande

Criminal10- No worries: Shishupal Dhande

Criminal 11- This is Indian way of life; Prabha Mandlekar


Now  the ball is in Indian Judiciary’s court, lets see to what extent it protects the people of India, the democracy!!

6 Responses to “Khairlanji: The villains of Humanity”

  1. 1 Pardeep S Attri

    This is really shameful that even after a year these Hindu stupid rapists are free. This only can happen in My India!! Shameful!! May God (thou i dnt believe) save India!!

  2. 2 P S Attri

    These all should be Hanged!!

    Will be Shame on India n Indians if we let these people go…

    · Every hour 2 Dalits are assaulted,

    · Every day 3 Dalit women are raped,

    · Every day 2 Dalits are murdered & 2 Dalits Houses are burnt in India .

    (Report of Ministry of Welfare of the Govt. of India 1992-1993)

  3. 3 Pramod

    ‘hang them till death’, this should be the judgement and should be upheld by Supreme court then only we should consider that there exist a judiciary system in india otherwise we will have to think….

  4. 4 Abhijeet Meshram

    Justise will be done to Bhotmange Family, these men will suffer, its shame on our government who cant protect its own people.

  5. 5 Sanjay

    We must think of revival of Dalit Panther to teach lesson to Brahminical terrorists. or We should demand a separate nation”Bhimistan/ Buddhistan or Dalitstan.justice is not done in such brahminical system of judiciary.

  6. 6 blumoonbooks

    The pix shown should also have the details of the crimes committed. They should by punished by law for the crimes committed by them.

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