World awaits, SHE moves: New Dawn sets there!


Click here and find inspiration from an unsung Hero who having seen poverty and caste-virus to its depth so neatly chooses to fight against corruption and politico-criminal nexus after coming to power, a story very naturally reported by Shivam Viz  in Tehalaka. 

The solid efforts to create New-India are on the way in Uttar Pradesh under the leadership of Miss Mayawati . This is not a tale but reality that today Indian Dalit who succumbed under caste pyramid is keen on to take world leadership in committing to world  efficiency, equality and peace . Corporate world in India still bemused by her MOVING leadership; why? No reasons. They should not forget, economy is not merely turnover game; it prolifers on the threads of soci0-political fabric so integratedly that one reform can not go without other, they should actually complement Mayawati’s daring stance in uprooting socio-histological viruses by committing Rs 1o,ooo crore on Ambedkar village Improvement scheme.

One Response to “World awaits, SHE moves: New Dawn sets there!”

  1. 1 akbchingoli

    Dr.Kumar Bahuleyan is not a Dalit. He belongs to Ezhava community,ofcourse a follower of Sri Narayana guru devan ,who proclaimed ONE CASTE,ONE RELIGION& ONE GOD For the global brotherhood

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