Illiterate Judge (ments): Risk to democracy


“Historic judgement observation of Allahabad high-court. Bhagavad-Gita is the nations book of dharma shashtra. Every Indian should obey Bhagavad-Gita”

A black day in  the history of civilization. How come an institution which ought to implement the secular constitution can make such a fanatic judgment? This  is just an example of how the Judiciary has become a puppet in the hands of fundamentalist? High court Judge Srivastava must know that adhering to the art. 51 (a) of the Constitution of India not only limits to promoting international peace and security. However the scope of article 51(a) too big, according to  spirit of Constitution of India, India as a state must comply with human right and peace treaties signed by India ICCPR, ICSECR, CERD, many others. The constitution observes protecting democratic values by making State responsible for equal rights to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, other most Backward Castes,  Christian Muslim Minorities, Women, Children and all other oppressed section of state.

The Religious scriptures have no authority over governance of the country when the law of land ,Constitution of India is available. All credits goes to this beutiful document for keeping intact the fabric of multifaceted India and movement towards caste-less society since 1951 otherwise 5% psudo-Indians would have killed democracy at any instance. Though, immature attempts of these fanatic priests are not stopping. The praise is one thing but quoting of scriptures like Bhagwat-Gita in such cases tantamounts to press on Indian psyche the mould of dogmatic caste based society wherein people classified according to birth.

All Non profit organizations and civil society groups who claim to be working for right equality and justice must participate in protesting and filing a petition in High court/ Supreme Court to repeal his scruplous observation. Conscious citizenry of India must demand equal representation of lawyers and judges at across all levels of judiciary in India for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, other most backward castes, Christian Muslim Minorities, and Women. This can ensure little freedom from one sided, dogmatic, irresponsible and useless interpretations and public statements.

If Indians sleep;  attempt to rape democracy may take shape for sure. Illiterate Judges are risk to democracy.

  IBN 7

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