Article by premature Journalist : Caste-virus gets dynamicity in WebWideWorld


Many Indian journalists, though, have flavour in writing but quite often miss the essence that could help posterity. This is because the journalist class neither undergo genuine pain of understanding sufferings of sufferers nor do they find time  analyzing the history or sociology related to the write-up they commit. The result is – they end up in projecting mere effects than highlighting the cause and panacea. Here is one article in Financial Express suggesting the same. While writing on the caste related issues a journalist should always prepare to know dynamics of caste system; its unimaginable virulent impact on Indian society. For which the need is to access research papers , visit to localities, talking to all sections than relying on immediate ‘hot’ internet surveys. Recommended are writings of  Dr Ambedkar . If true journalist efforts are undertaken here and now, it would certainly enlighten posterity.

Following article is similar half hearted attempt; good is that it gives reflection of caste ridden Indian society in Internet world but the author refrains himself from going into specifics of bottom of pyramid of caste system; forget matrimony, caste consciousness kills dalits on streets or pavements if not it requires them to remain slaves. How many dalits can read and write ? how many of them visit internet to find their life partners? Aren’t their condition worse than worst?

Anyways something is better than nothing. Have a look at the article, it can put plain questions in the mind of people how homogeneous caste groups help humanity to move ahead on civil path>>


Caste clamour on Internet sets in

 Ashok Kumar (

India the subcontinent is not only a land of various flora and fauna but also, undeniably, the land of castes. You as a person can love these castes or hate them but you certainly cannot ignore them because it is they, which define the bottom lines of socio-politico-cultural-economical India…Read More

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