Ajay suicide case: Director, IISC replies


Director at IISc has replied within 5 minutes. His reply was:

“Dear student,
The recent suicide was a most regrettable incident and one for which all of us are deeply grieved. The loss of a young life is irreparable. I must add that there was no academic pressure on the student from the institute.

Nor was there any pressure due to community. These events are personal and hard to rationalise. It would help everyone if there was no attempt to apportion blame to the surroundings.

Best wishes


Atrocitynews thinks that the local union and batchmates should resort to all proper methods of investigation and come along with fact finding report on issue in order to submit it to CJI, President of India and PMO.

Meanwhile Atrocitynews team interacted with teaching and non-teaching staff atIISC.  Prof Bhaskaran  informed that the IISC union meeting will take place  next week in order to take the stock of the situation and union would see then how to respond to given situation, till that time better wait. He said he would  update Atrocitynews soon.

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