On the top of that Media acts villain: caste virus 003KT2007


Neilratna reports :

“A dalit Ph D student was forced to commit suiside in IISc campus. Some of the  friends in BAngalore are tring to get the first hand information and fact finding report is expected in the evening. Neither electronic nor print media has projected the story in a right way. They have attributed the resons as ‘personal’ nd ‘academic pressure’.


Like others DH News Service from Bangalore also publishes following erronous news. they are not only habitual but they are partners in crime by masking  the ramphant prejudices.

Wilting under academic pressure(??), a 21-year-old IISc student allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan at the students hostel in the campus here in the wee hours of Monday. 

The deceased has been identified as V Ajay Sree Chandra, a native of Hyderabad, who was doing his integrated PhD.
 Ajay was to have turned 21 in another four days. All that he has left behind is a suicide note scribbled on the small white board in his room. It read: “I am sorry dad. The world is not for me and I cannot live. It’s too much for me, I can’t take it.” Ajay had been a trailblazer all along. Securing 88.83 per cent in the matriculation exam, he scored 94.14 per cent in PUC and 83 per cent in BSc. Dreaming of making it big in his chosen field of ecological sciences, Ajay excelled at the IISc entrance exam in 2006 and was among the top 12 students selected for the biology division. Ajay was staying in a room on the I floor of the new hostel block F002.
He was awake late on Sunday night, watching TV with his hostel-mates Diptaroop Nandi and Sumantra Roy among others.”He looked depressed throughout the evening and when we offered to stay with him, he said he should be left alone,” said one of his hostel-mates. Ajay’s absence at the breakfast table on Monday forced his friends to call him on his mobile phone. When they didn’t get any response, Nandi and Roy decided to drop in at their friend’s room. As Ajay did not open the door, the boys peeped in through the window only to see him hanging from the ceiling fan.

Pic01: Ajay Shree Chandra

The security personnel who broke open the door. Ajay was rushed to the health centre where he was “declared brought dead”.Prof Raghavendra Gadkar, head of the department of ecological sciences, said: “Ajay was a bright student. I had taken only one class for him and there was hardly any interaction with him. Probably, he might have found it difficult to cope up with the academic pressure. It is a matter of time. Usually students find it tough in the beginning but they excel as the days roll by.”
Ajay’s parents are on their way to the City.

SSLC: 88.83 per cent from Hyderabad
PUC: 94.14 per cent from a Nalgonda college
BSc: 83 per cent from Nizam college, Osmania varsity
IISc Entrance 2006: Among the top 12 and was selected for the biology division 


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