Gohana Boils with Dalit fury


Around 15 people, including a few policemen, were injured when police fought a pitched battle with protesting youths of Dalit community near Panchkula here today.

The protesters were demanding action against those involved in the killing of a Dalit youth in Gohana in Haryana recently, sources said.

The protesters, mostly residents of Mauli Jagran on the Chandigarh-Panchkula border, went berserk and pelted stones on police, who were present there in large numbers to keep vigil on the situation, they said.

About 15 people received injuries in the brick-bat and can-charge, sources said adding that police later managed to bring the situation under control.

Source: Hindu


About Gohana

Gohana Town is situated at a distance of 45 Km from Sonepat towards west. The town is located at latitude of 29º 8’ North longitude 76º 42’ East. The topography is generally flat at an average level of 225 M above mean sea level and slop is towards s/E. The municipal area of the town is 6 Sq. Km and proposal for extending Municipal Limit for increasing the Municipal area to 10 Km is under process.

Population figures of various years used in design of system are given below:

Year Population (in thousands)
1991 32496






Projections made by PHED Haryana.

Gohana Map

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