Khairlanji: Court Proceedings on 30th June continued….


Atrocitynews brings you a refreshing account of  court proceedings of ‘Khairlanji Massacre’ which is one among top 250+ heinous, merderous atrocities commited every year by caste Hindus on Dalits (Buddhists) in India. In Indian Caste system such sanctity to discriminate fellow beings is derived from age old religious injunctions. The system is so cruel that even today most educated elite Indians do not dare to come forward against it. People still nurture caste in minds and end up marrying within caste. Morover at times they defend it. You can read their comments on Rig Veda Protest section; its a proof of their wish to support caste absurdity on international forums. When can India be free from caste shakles defined by religious framework? Let’s hope that civilised society recognises caste virus early and applies efforts in the direction.

Here is Court Proceeding of Khairlanji Massacre tha is going on in Bhandara Court . The day is 30th June.

Continued from previous session…


During lunch break Adv.Sudeep Jaiswal is interviewed by Atrocitynews Corrospondent(A.C.)

A.C.:Sir, Whether protecting the witness by security personnel amounts to custody?
Adv.Jaiswal:Yes, Absolutely right!
A.C.:But if big threat is to his life is presumed?
Adv.Jaiswal:There was no threat to him as in this ‘case’; but if threat is anticipated such application for protection should be made to the police. In this case, the witness did not apply for protection.


(Later it was learnt that it`s common practice to provide security with or without application. This is similar to case of Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange.  On 3 p.m.the court re -assmbles. Adv.KHADEWALE rises to cross-examine Mukesh Pusam.)

Adv.Khandewale:You contested the election of Gram-panchyat wherein you got defeated by 2 votes. Is it true that the accused persons worked against you in the election?
Wit:Please ask again I have not understood, Sir.
Adv.Khandewale:These six accused worked against u that caused u ur defeat in the election. Is this true?
Judge(intervening):He has agreed to it in his last statement.
Adv.Khandewale:What is the name of your deity?
Wit.:Godess Durga.
Adv.Khandewale:Do you worship it in morning and in evening?
Adv.Khandewale:Does ur brother -in-law,Mr.Walke also follow Godess Durga.
Adv.Khandewale:Was then the worship performed in the evening?
Adv.Khandewale: Also you must be celebrating the ‘Navratri’ Festival ( 9 night festival)?
Adv.Khandewale:Was period from27/9/06 to 9/10/06 of Dasra festival and Navratri ?
Adv.Khandewale:During that period there must be lot of buzzing around of people.
Wit:There is no such buzzing in the vilage.
Adv.Khandewale:Was there the terror of Sidhharth Gajbhiye in the village Khairlanji?
Adv.Khandewale:What he used to do?
Wit:He used to beat the people.
Adv.Khandewale:On 29 nov,Were these (pointing to accused) all people present in the Mohadi court?
Wit.:I don’t know.
Adv.Khandewale:Do you know that Sidhharth Gajbhiye had complained to the police against these accused persons?
Adv.Khadewale: That is why they were arerested on 29th September?
Wit:I don’t remember.
Adv.Khadewale:Is it right that they got bail from Mohadi court?
Wit:I dont’know.
Adv.Khandewale:My assertion is that they all returned by Khairlanji from Mohadi court.
Wit:I don’t kow when they returned from Mohadi court.
Adv.Khandewale:You were worshipping the Godess & u havn’t seen any incidence.
Wit:This is false.
Adv.Khandewale:You are lying as these people did not do any crime.
Wit:This is false.
Adv.Khandewale:Have you taken your lunch?
Wit:With whom?
Adv.With my security guard.

(As the cross-examination by Adv.Khandewale is finished , he sits  in his chair.)

Adv.JAISWAL:Sir,the duty certificate of security guard be asked to be produced before the court.
Adv.Ajaj Khan:Sir, that is not neede at this stage & this court has no such discretionary power to  call for the certificate.
Adv.JAISWAL:Sir, my submission is that the witness is being kept under constant pressure by the police& CBI the security guard of this witness is not the actual security guard of the witness. Moreoer this court has ample discretionary power to call for any evidence in any stage of trial accordinng to Cr.P.C.s.99.

Judge:Yes this court can ask for any document or evidence to be brought before the court at any stage of trial.But the duty certificate of the guard is not neeeded at this stage.
Adv.Jaiswal:Yes sir,I would not press for my demand as now it can be prodced at any stage of trial.
ADv.Ajaj Khan:Sir,since Rashtrpal Narnavare is not present today before the court,the next witness Mr,Suresh Khandate be taken for examination first.
Adv.jaiswal:Sir,this is not fair .Then proceedings should be taken on monday;because according to the programme handed over to us by prosecutuion side now it is turn of Rashtrapal  Narnavare.
Judge :But Adv.Jaiswal,What harm you forsee in calling for Khandate ?
Adv.Jiaswal:But Sir,if we call Rashtrapal Narnavare who is not a Key witness for us,he can be examined & crossed on Monday only.
Judge:How much time you will take for his cross examination, we cannot tell now. And since it is alredy 4’0 clock we can utilise the remaining TIME  of around 1 to 1.3hr. We are lagging behind & the court can not afford to loose its precious time.

(The judge  calls for the appearance of next witess, Suresh Khandate)

Judge:Swear to God that whateverever I say will be truth & nothing but the truth.
Wit:I swear to God that whatever I say will be truth & nothing but the truth.

( Special public prosecutor Adv.Ujwal Nikam who is standing near witness box begins examination.)

Adv.Nikam:What is ur name?
Wit:Suresh Khandate.
Adv.Nikam:How old r u?
Wit.:44 yrs.
Adv.Nikam:Where do u live?
Wit.Khairlanji,Tah.MOhadi ,Dist.Bhandara.
Adv.Nikam:What is your education?
Wit.:I am std.4th pass.
Adv.Nikam:From how long u r living in the village of Khairlanji?
Wit.Since from my Birth.
Adv.Nikam:When did you marry?
Wit.:In 1985 at the age of 19 yrs.
Adv.Nikam:Who lives with you ?
Wit.:My wife & two sons.
Adv.Nikam:What is the name of elder son?
Wit.:What is his  education ?
Wit:He is 10th class fail.
Adv,Nikam:What does he do now?
Wit.:He is a farm labourer.
Adv. Nikam:What is the name of ur another son?
Adv.Nikam:What does he do?
Wit.:He is learning at Dhusala.
ADV.Nikam:Are you familiar with Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange?
Adv.Nikam:How do you know about Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange?
Wit.:He lives in the neighbourhood.
Adv.Nikam:Who lived with Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange?
Wit.:His wife Surekha,two sons ,Sudhir, ROshan & a daughter,Priyanka.
Adv.Nikam:Are Sudhir ,ROshan,& Priyanka alive?
Wit:No they are dead.
Adv.NIKAM:Are you familiar with Mukesh Pusam?
wit:Yes he lives in the neighbourhood.
Adv.Nikam:Are u familiar with Sidhharth Gajbhiye?
Wit: Yes.
Wit:He used to come to Bhotmange’s house.
Adv.Nikam:Are you familiar with Jagdish Mandelekar,Gopal Bijewar,Ramu Dhande,Shatrughna Dhande,Prabhakar Mandalekar,Sakru Bijewar,Vishwanath Dhnde & Shishupal Dhande?
Adv.Nikam:How you could know them?
Wit:They live in the same village of Khairlaji as like me.
Adv.Nikam:Are they present in the court today?
Adv.NIKAM;What happened on 3/9/06?
Wit.Sidhharth Gajbhiye had aquarrel with Sakru Bijewar on some monetary considerations in front of Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange’s house .
Adv.Nikam:Where were u then?
Wit:I was in the courtyardof my house.
Adv. Nikam:Who did not give whose money?
Wit:Sidhharthg Gajbhiye had not given money to Sakru Bijewar.
Adv.Nikam:In this quarrel who beat whom?
Wit.:Sidhharth gajbhiye slapped Sakru Bijewar on his face.
Adv.Nikam:After that ,who left in which directions?
Wit.:Sidhharth Gajbhiye left for Dhusala on his motorbike.
Adv.Nikam:Where were you on 29.9.06?
Wit.:I was at my home.
Wit:I was suffering from ‘chicken gunya’.
Adv.Nikam:What happened on that day between 6 to 6.30 in the evening?
Wit:I heard the shouting.
Wit:I got out of my house.
aDV.nIKAM:U came out of ur house means where?
Wit.:I came on the road.
Adv.Nikam:Which road?
Wit.:I came on the road between Bhaiyyalal”s & my house.
Adv.Nikam:What di you see then?
Wit:The people from my villge,Jagdeesh Mandalekar,Shishupal Dhande,Vishvanath Dhande,Shatrughna Dhande,RAmu DHANDE,Sakru Bijewar,Gopal Bijewar & Prabhakar Mandalekar were standing in front of Bhaiyyala Bhotmange’s
ADv,Nikam: What these accused were doing?
Wit.:Shishupal Dhande & Shatrughna Dhande had cycle chains in their hands.
Adv.Nikam:What  did other accused possess?
Wit:Jagdish Mandlekar, Vishavanath Dhaande ,Ramu Dhande & Sakru Bijewar had sticks in their hands.
Wit: The were abusing and exorting them to come out of the house.Jagdeesh Mandalekar & Vishwant Dhande were shouting that Why did Surekha  told their names to  the police station.These mahar caste people must be thrown out of the village. They are not worthy of staying on this earth anymore.
Wit.:Surekha came out of her house with lighted stick.
Wit:She set ablaze the corner of a hut near house.
Wit.:All the people ran after her.
Adv.Nikam:All means who?
Wit:All those accused persons that I have allready named.
Adv.Nikam:Where  Surekha ran?
Wit:She ran towards backyards of her house.
Adv.Niakm:In which direction?
Wit:In the direction towards the drain.
Wit:Shatrughna & Vishvanath went from her back .Jagdeesh & other accused went from behind the house by the side of the road .Jagdeesh pulled Surekha by her hairs & dipped her into the drain.Other accused took her out of the drain .The accused beat her by cycle chains,sticks & by blows due to which she died.

    (At this stage Adv.SUDEEP Jaiswal requests the court not to record the above statement to which Judge declines.His collegue Adv.Khandewale apologises to the  court on his behalf.)

Adv.NIKAM:Where were you then?
Wit:I was standing on the road in front of my house & there was a little bridge in front of my house standing over which I was wathing everything.
Adv.Nikam:What happened then?
Wit:All the accused were shouting ‘where are the other inmates of the house?’ , search them & kill  them too.
Wit.:Sudhir came out of the house.He was wearing undewear then.
Adv.Nikam:What happened next?
Wit:He ran towards Dusala road.
Wit: THe all accused ran after him.They caught him under a tree.They killed him &  dragged his dead body placing it near Surekha’s dead body .
Adv.Nikam:Sudhir was killed by what?
Wit.:By cycle chains, sticks & blows by hand & feets.
Adv.Nikam :Who killed him?
Wit:These all accused .
Wit:They found Roshan.
Adv.Nikam:Where did they find him?
Wit:At the back side of  Bhotmange’s house, he was  hiding behind a cattle shade.
Adv.Nikam: Whom did that cattle shade belong to?
Wit.:It belongs to Ramdass Khandate.
Adv.Nikam:What happened next?
Wit.:He was saying please don’t kill me.I have not done anything wrong to you.
wIT.:Roshan’s pleadings had no effect on the assailants.
Wit:Shatrughna stroked cycle chain on Roshan.
Wit.:Roshan fled from there.
Wit.:They all ran after him.
Wit:They caught him near the borewell & beat him.
AdvNikam:Beat him by what?
Wit:Cycle chains,sticks & by blows.
Adv.Nikam:What happened to Roshan then?
Wit:Due to severe beating Roshan died.

 (Since court worked till 5.30p.m.,it was adjourned till Monday,2 July.

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