Attempts to disrupt Vedic hymns in USA senate


At last the day came!  A Day that tested American faith in progressive democracy. Unfortunately the teste of test was bitter. In an unconvinced fashion, the performance of Vedic Hymns were disrupted by unruly crowd yesterday for reasons other than progressive essence. It was portryal of another religious orthodoxy. Deed with wrong motives can never be deligent!


Either of allowing Vedas or disrupting the performance; lack spirit of democracy. The unjust Vedas may not be put to discard this way. One must take diligent efforts than shortcuts in letting masses understand  the grand folly/trap which was rightly done by the Father of Indian Constitution Dr BR Ambedkar in’ “Who were untouchables” in most intellectual-spiritual way!

The evils of Vedic hymns  are fountainhead of discriminatory practices observed in day to day Indian life and notion. The unworthy honor given by American senate to world`s widely observed discriminatory practices by allowing  Hindu-Brahmin Priest to sing Vedic prayers in an opening ceremony of the senate can never be regarded as openness of American democratic structure but it pictures the blind faith in rediculous traditions.  Sich sickened faith can be more dengerous to socio-political set-ups; also can bring in inefficiency and unjustice in societies that is mirrored long way in world history.
The people who consider ‘something good’ in Vedas; should  practice that ‘something good’ .However a question is how come they derive authority to impose Vedas on 250 million Dalit and 65% Shudras population In India (total constitutes 85% of Indians).  Clarifing those who say its only PurushSukta has the inhuman flavor is essential, they should go and open Vedic books, take afforts and see for themsleves almost entire text is flooded with such notoriety. Read Dr. Ambedkar here. Upper caste elite Indians(5%) consider Vedas as infallible; and profess that modern science nothing but a handywork of only last two centuries whereas Vedas are sacrosanct and transcended down from the mouth of God thru millions of millions of years. This is simply due to hegemonic threads of socio-economic wellbeing 5% Indians want to preserve, they just promote ‘something good’ in whole black canvas of Vedas on elite forums. Nothing but a sheer unscientific prejudice breeds this way. International community should take cautions in identifying fascist forces behing this exercise ;5% is their strength in truth too.

Who is threat for peaceful civilisation in long run?

A suffering Dalit ( Buddhist) who loves progressive education and strives for ‘ everyhting good’ and democratic values  ;saying NO to leninian revolution with gross bloodshed  ?  

An elite upper caste Hindu who adores discriminatory Vedas, strives for ‘something good’ and does not favour equity however this or that way sides Hindu caste system?

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>Fight for dinity is on>>

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