Protest: USA senate


Randhir Suman |writes….

“This type of act is a slap on the face of humanity. History speaks the truth which states very clearly that castism has runied India. The world leader USA must not allow this kind of action as it would damage their image. The poor untouchables have been destroyed, tortured, and discriminated for generations. USA, must not allow this act at all. By not allowing this, USA shall be on the side of humantarians. USA has been and would be in front line, whenever injustice has and would be done with humans in part of the world. So, we, the followers of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the humantarian leader who sacrificed his life for human causes, request senate not to allow this act. We wholeheartedly would appreciate the help and would always be ready to pay the dues back to USA….”

One Response to “Protest: USA senate”

  1. 1 Munish

    Mr. Randhir Suman needs to wake up. There is good and bad in every religion. But the picture of hinduism that he has painted is incorrect. I do not understand what his point is in not allowing the prayer in the senate. Prayer has nothing to do with basd practice of untouchability that is on decline in India and now limnited to remote rural areas. Hopefully it will be eradicated from there. May god give some more heart to Mr Randhir Suman to accept the reality as it is and work towards the good of humanity.

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