Protest : USA senate decision


Vijay Bagde writes…. “This is nothing but a vandalism act of selected sect of Indian Hindu Fundamentalists, who had ruled on majority (85%)of the Indian population over centuries on the principles of these Vedas. The very brutal philosophy of these vadas are inequality, deprivation from fundamental rights and untouchability. I hope, developed countries like USA will not tolerate this kind of futile thoughts to be perpetrated in their land. It should be viewed seriously and people behind this must be brought to justice in public.”


Dear Vijay,
You are right, truely. The faith of people from developed world in democracy is now at test ! In democratic India we see mind bogling contrast; suffering dalits inspired by ‘democratic ideals’ vote  every election in large numbers (nearly 70% Case- Chimur) . Poor Dalits who find difficulty in getting even sqaure meal have tremendous faith in democracy whereas an elite Upper caste Indian who spends 1000USD/month on apperals finds hard time to visit poll-booth (case-South Mumbai;less than 30% voting) !

Long before life disrupts due to (inevitable!) blood revolution, the Democratic World must take learnings from Dalits so that world stays in harmony.

Now it is time for USA senate to act!

with rgds,
Atrocitynews Team
>Fight for dignity is on>>

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