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Gary writes….

“Hindus have discraminated untouchables for the last 3000 years.Worst human rights violation in the world. Every day women are raped, dalits are being killed. Hindu priestes marry 7 years old girls to the temple, called Devdassi and use them as prostitutes. There childern are left to become beggers and prostitutes There is no difrence between Nazi and Hindus. Swastika belongs to both of them . In order to rule they have created 5000 cast, each discraminate the other, that is where from British learnt to devide and rule. They never cared for India, they let Muslims and British rule.
It is sickening to write more…”

Gary, sure  more sickening to hear and write but imagine conditions of those who are facing it in their daily life? This is man-made distinction which is backed by religious injunctions like Vedas. Lets fight against such blasphemies, lets make people stand against such evil designs!

with rgds,

Atrocitynews Team
>fight for Dignity is on>>

One Response to “A comment”

  1. 1 Vijay Bagde

    This is nothing but a vandalism act of selected sect of Indian Hindu Fundamentalists, who had ruled on majority (85%)of the Indian population over centuries on the principles of these Vedas. The very brutal philosophy of these vadas are inequality, deprivation from fundamental rights and untouchability. I hope, developed countries countries like USA will not tolerate this kind of futile thoughts to be perpetrated in their land. It should be viewed seriously and peoplr behind this must be brought to justice in public.

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