A comment: US senate Protest


Many aware citizens are making attempts to sensitize American Senate on issue of RigVeda chanting and its role in concretising Indian discriminatory social system.

Read following comment from Hanumant: in this regard:
“Dear Senaters,

This reply is in regards to “Allowing Rajan Zed, Senater from Neved, to Open US senate with Hindu prayers”.  We all respect Humanity and we do every possible thing to strive Humanity on the earth. The base of Hindu religion is all people are born unequal and strongly favor Untouchability where upper caste people consider it is a sin to touch lower caste people. all Hindu Scriptures favor unequality and untouchibility so as their prayers. I would strongly oppose letting Rajen Zed no to say Hindu Prayers in US senate.



Thanks Hanumant…


Atrocitynenews Team
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3 Responses to “A comment: US senate Protest”

  1. 1 Hindu American

    People throwing a fit about a Hindu prayer in the US Senate, are no different than the Taliban. 1 in 6 people on this planet is a Hindu. We believe in “Live & Let Live” instead of “Live & Let Die” or “Die & Let Die”. What ever happened to religious tolerance? This is a sad case of a shameful conmbination of “Ignorance & Arrogance”. We have a large Christian community in India, with whom we largely live in harmony and mutual respect. You need to learn about other religons and absorb the good in them. You have two choices – either wake up and learn the world you live in or accept that you are extremists in suits & tuxedos.

  2. The Caste system is not inherently equal. Like many good ideas, it has become perverted.

    In the Rg Veda, the system actually is flexible, allowing people to transcend what they have been born into. Also, the Castes are not meant to be unequal. Each caste performs a specific role, similar to the human body. Your arm is no less important than your leg or ears. All of the parts work together to make a functioning society.

    People need to learn before they protest.

  3. 3 Narain

    Lord Vishnu indeed made the Caste System in order to effect division of labor. The Brahmins were priests, the Kshatriyas were Warriors, the Vaishyas were merchants and Shudras the workers. But even a Shudra can become a Brahmin or anything if he has talent.

    Krishna, the 8th Avatar of Vishnu has commented sadly on it. He said that He invented the system for the good of mankind, but mankind abused and twisted it.

    As for the extremists, they are nutters. None of them are probably aware of the fact that Christianity has its roots in Hinduism. Abraham is an anagram of Brahma, roughly. Abraham & Sarai were taken thus from Brahma and his ife Saraswati. The Infancy Gospel of Thomas is suspiciously similar to the Krishna’s childhood life. The story of Noah’s Ark was taken from Matsya Avatara of Vishnu, in which the Lord instructs Manu, the first man, to build a ship and take away the 7 sages and all seeds of life, as a great flood was approaching. Even the Biblical Prophecy of a White Rider coming during the apocalypse is similar to Kalki, the final Avatar of Vishnu, yet to be. Kalki is a rider on a white horse with a sword.

    Seriously, these extremists have no argument. Tolerance is the key, always.

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