USA imports caste-virus in senate


In an uncivilised course, worlds powerful democracy has taken unqualified decision to chant Vedic chants during  Opening Day of the Senate.

Vedas , Core to Hinduism and birth point of caste system’  impressed intelligent American politicians in 21st Century so much that they  discounted it’s terrible nuisance and allowed it to be sung in Public domain that Founders of America would feel shame of. Per say Vedic hymns directly propound policy of unequal society and ideals through Cardinal Purush Sukta, essential part of Rig Veda. The society construct it catapults, is as shown in a pyramid as below. Humans are divided by birth and the role they get  is for eternity…Son of Shudra would behave like Shundra, he should not read or write as he takes birth from impure genital called ‘Papa-yoni’ in Sanskrit.


Pic01: Rig Veda  foundation of caste system . (report in Indian Daily .)

In  Vedic primitive culture, history tells,  it was religious to have associated human sacrifices .  Vedic hinduism has left evil consequences for Indian social life even today.

The dreadful product in the form of caste system wherein humans are treated lesser than animals if they are ‘untouchables’ or SHudras.  US senate is unknowingly become party to such inhuman practices. Such an act dearly risks democratic values of liberty, equality and fraternity in USA public life so painstakingly architected by fathers of USA`s constitution.

After two centuries- Compared to  India , American democracy looks quite pale.  With its very secular and scientific mandate, Indian constitution stands confident as it would never give precedence to brahminic/ Vedic hymns in parliamentary schedules.

With such stance,  USA Senate members might be appeasing affluent Indian Hindu working class in America . But alongside they are giving world democracies a lesson how the irresponsible senate members can take Senate Houses for ride so easily. Question arises: Is US Democracy fueled by money(Capital) or by values (Equity)?

If it’s true; then America is bound to face yet another revolution. No one knows, how many to die again?

Lets not get driven by what America does, let’s get Indian Silent revolution running in every Global mind. In short the evolution is summed up in few words…. “struggle for reclamation of entire human personality by overcoming barriers (of prejudices, violence,  money and religion)”.

5 Responses to “USA imports caste-virus in senate”

  1. 1 Munish

    If you know Vedas and hymns probably you would know that Purush Sukta is not the only thing in Vedas. Grow up you guys and stop behaving like Taliban

  2. 2 Jithu

    I don’t know how many peoples know about Vedas from its root . Don’t scratch the surface of any books to attain knowledge. First of all the credits goes to the British people to make us (Indian) to thing like you peoples are thinking. I am also from a back ward class as you said sudras . Vedas are saying everybody who born in the world are sudras, his vision and thought and karma make him to Brahmans. Sudra doesn’t mean as a back word class in any part of Vedas. You have to think who make them backward, our culture has a value of 10000 years. Our problem starts when British people first misinterpret Vedas. The war between the powers of light and darkness, a prevalent idea in ancient Aryan Vedic scriptures, was thus interpreted to refer to this war between light and dark skinned peoples. Who is responsible for that use your brain to thing

    The Vedic people were thought to have been a fair-skinned race like the Europeans owing to the Vedic idea of a war between light and darkness, and the Vedic people being presented as children of light or children of the sun. Yet this idea of a war between light and darkness exists in most ancient cultures, including the Persian and the Egyptian. Why don’t we interpret their scriptures as a war between light and dark-skinned people? It is purely a poetic metaphor, not a cultural statement. Moreover, no real traces of such a race are found in India
    • First, it served to divide India into a northern Aryan and southern Dravidian culture which were made hostile to each other. This kept the Hindus divided and is still a source of social tension.
    • Second, it gave the British an excuse in their conquest of India. They could claim to be doing only what the Aryan ancestors of the Hindus had previously done millennia ago.
    • Third, it served to make Vedic culture later than and possibly derived from Middle Eastern cultures. With the proximity and relationship of the latter with the Bible and Christianity, this kept the Hindu religion as a sidelight to the development of religion and civilization to the West.
    • Fourth, it allowed the sciences of India to be given a Greek basis, as any Vedic basis was largely disqualified by the primitive nature of the Vedic culture

    “Saha naa vavathu sah now bhunakthu
    Saha veeryam karavaavahe
    Thejaswina avadheetha mstu
    Maa vidvisha vahai aano bhadraa

    Sarve bhavanthu sukhina
    Sarve santhu niraamaya
    Sarve bhadraani pasyanthu
    Ma kaschit dukhabaag bhveth”

    Let us exist together, work together and share the results of the work together, through that pathway let us enlighten ourselves, let us not have hatred towards anyone, let noble thoughts come from all over the world. O God, grand happiness to all, may all be free from misery, may all possess good things in life. Let no-one suffer from any sorrows
    Can anyone find any replication of this word from any of other religious text book
    Loka samastaha sukhino bhavandhu

    We didn’t tell Hindu instead of loka we did not said Brahmans instead of loka, we praying for the whole world . Don’t think British divide as only geographically, the divided us language wise also.

  3. 3 John

    Now that you finally saw the prayer in the senate, was there any reference to caste
    system? Don’t run scared like that. Relax, don’t underestimate the intelligence
    of Americans. They can pick and choose what is good: Hinduism’s rich philosophy yes, caste system no.

  4. 4 Jayakaran

    I hate caste system because i am suffering from it in India. I’m trying to come into business and I am seeing the dreaded caste system working in all it’s power!

    But my God is far greater than it! Anyway I will succeed my goals, but what about those pityful people who don’t know my God?

    Everywhere we go in india there you’ll be judged by what caste you are. No one gives a chance for the lower people to change. (They don’t want them to change.) I’m sure they’ve got their ticket to hell… i don’t want to be mean, but it is so hurting. God save the upper castes!

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