Protest: Say NO …to ‘Caste system promoting Vedic hymns’ in USA senate


Pls send letters to your Respective Senators about the Hindu religion which Perpetuates Caste System and such Religion and Or religious heads should not be allowed to open the senate with Hindu prayers.

On July 12th the Senate is scheduled to open with Chants from the Vedas. Pls google US senators from your areas with Zip Code and send letters ASAP. Pls de not delay. PA to Senators are 
1.Mr. Arlen Specter and
2. Mr Bob Casey.
They have links to communicate,

Send messages to all the legislators at one go. If we have 100 people sending such messages to each congress member it will certainly make impact at policy level in USA.

Aware USA Citizen

3 Responses to “Protest: Say NO …to ‘Caste system promoting Vedic hymns’ in USA senate”

  1. 1 Hanumant

    Dear Senaters,
    This Reply is regard to ” Allowing Rajan Zed, Senater from Neved, to Open US senate with Hindu prayers”
    We all respect Humanity and we do every possible thing to strive Humanity on the earth. The base of Hindu religion is all people are born unequal and strongly favor Untouchability where upper caste people consider it is a sin to touch lower caste people. all Hindu Scriptures favor unequality and untouchibility so as their prayers. I would strongly oppose letting Rajen Zed no to say Hindu Prayers in US senate.

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  1. 1 University Update - Google - Protest: Say NO …to ‘Caste system promoting Vedic hymns’ in USA senate

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