Misguiding the caste-truth


In international arena, elite yet castiest forces are acting very subtly and playing role to maintain the dignity of centuries old caste system. They have taken up huge efforts till date in making  international audience oblivious from the fact that caste system is killing people and their ability to create & contribute to world well being. The truth that ‘ugly caste system is crime on humanity; is a creation of religious injunctions in order to promote fascist hegemony in Indian society’ is also reversed. Read Washington Post for a letter from such forces in India.

Such  opinions creates delierate confusion among international spheres.
But hardly any thing can be of help!

It’s  unto informed reader to source the right information. The live information is their in Indian daily life.  However; its heavy task to understand caste atrocities and their root causes. Then is to respond to situation where ill treatment is received y Dalits ,severest human oppressions in  the modern world that’s is still going unnoticed.
Atrocitynews is just an attempt to portray the real crime done on the name of religion. We encourage many more creative attempts like this so as to expel prejudices from the system. One can be replying back to the editors of international newspapers with present facts and active participation without going misguided.

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