Dalit attacked for touching water pump; castevirus 02RJ2007


 A Dalit man approaching a community water pump would not have imagined what crime he was about to commit. But as he washed his hands, a group of people came down upon him, beat him up and also filed a police complaint against him.

Pic01: Fighting for life

Ramlal, 40, sustained three fractures in his hands Sunday as the mob beat him up with sticks and iron rods for touching the pump, in Takholi village in Tonk district, over 100 km from here.

While Ramlal was admitted to a hospital, one of the alleged attackers filed a complaint against him in the Mehendwas police station.

The victim’s family said they were threatened that their house would be burnt down if they approached police. ‘But we finally decided to lodge a complaint on Monday,’ said Shamu, a relative of Ramlal.

‘One Murari Yadav has lodged a police complaint against Ramlal for attacking him on Sunday and a group of Dalit community members filed a complaint on Monday. We are probing the matter and offenders will be punished,’ a senior police official said.

Source: Zeenews

One Response to “Dalit attacked for touching water pump; castevirus 02RJ2007”

  1. 1 Azlan

    This is what the CNN-IBN proclaims about it’s idiot Editor-in-Chief. The 24-hour, English-language news chnanel is spearheaded by renowned television journalist Rajdeep Sardesai as the Editor-in-Chief. Those who are aware of media know very well how perverted this journalist Rajdeep Sardesai is. Son of India’s former Cricket Player, the veteran Deelip Sardesai, who was proud about his country. The Son is an antinational element and this he has shown umpteen number of times in the past, in his articles as well as the shows conducted by him.He is a Big Black Spot on all Maharashtrians. we should condemn him and the chnanel. Yet another interesting thing. The famous Marathi Newspaper Lokmat has a joint venture with this perverted journalist. It’s IBN Lokmat. Now Lokmat is owned by one MP, Mr Vijay Darda and one MLA, Mr Rajendra Darda. Do they have te right to sit in the august houses Parliament of India and Maharashtra Assembly?

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