Khairlanji : Court Proceedings 12th June


Today during court proceedings Mukesh Pusam reported that he did not see Sudhir, Roshan and Priyanka while being beaten. On this second day,  court started in the morning at 11.22 pm. and ended at 4.20 pm.

Following is the short saga of what Mukesh deposited before the court on 12th June:

Mukesh said, “On the day of incident i.e. 29th Sept. few villagers from Khairlanji went to Khandari by tractor after learning that brother of Siddhartha Gajbhiye, Rajan Gajbhiye was wandering near co-operative at Khandari. It was noon time, I was at my home. When they didn’t find Rajendra Gajbhiye, they all return back to Khairlanji. The same people at that night stormed Surekha Bhotmange’s house.
He also told that the villagers of Khairlanji were afraid of Rajendra because he used to obstruct villager passage and would beat them often.
After crossed examined by the defense, Mukesh revealed his political career, he had contested for the post of Sarpanch (head of the village) in 2002 he was defeated by Upasrao Khandate by two votes. Upasrao and Mukesh had two rival group whosoever had helped Upasrao Khandate , are the people accused present before the court.
Due to the above deposition by Mukesh the defense seemed quite happy because this was the serious set back to the prosecution since this time Mukesh denied seeing the victim being actually beaten by the accused.

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