Khairlanji : Court Procedings 11th June


‘“I am dying; oh Mother!” cried Priyanka before she was being caught by killer group and put to death. “Save me, save me” uttered Roshan’, said Mukesh Pusam, one of the main witness of Khairlanji Massacre when called by senior Judge S.S.Das in order to depose before the court. The court was in session entire day and during which testimony was given by Mukesh Pusam only after being examined by special public prosecutor Adv.Ujwal Nikam.

Court work was started by 11:48 A.M ; ended in the evening at 5:15 PM ; however Mukesh`s disposition remained incomplete and that was left for next day.Adv. Ujwal Nikam examined Mukesh Pusam from 11:48 am till 12:32 in noon after which defense lawyer Sudip Jaiswal was given opportunity by the court to cross examine him. Adv. Jaiswal asked Mukesh Pusam various question from 12:32 to 5:15.

On being examined and cross examined by both the lawyers, Mukesh explained that Roshan was chased by accused equipped with sticks and cycle chains .Roshan ran toward bore-well the accused murdered Roshan by stick and cycle chains .Then they targeted Priyanka. Mukesh said he heard Priyanka crying of “I’m dying, oh Mother”. The voice seemed to come from the bore-well then he saw Ramu and Shatrugan pulling Priyanka and Roshan dead body. Other accused too were with them they dropped Priyanka and Roshan dead body near that of Surekha and Sudhir. During that time Roshan was alive “save me, save me” were his words, he was asking for mercy. Since myself Suresh Khandate, Ajay Titirmare and Premlal Walke and few other neighbours witnessed, all were threatened of dire consequences if reported to anybody. They said  ”Else we would kill you same way.”  Mukesh went home and saw the dead body being carried away in the bullock-cart which was ferried by Jagdish behind him were Ramu , Prabhakar , Shatrugan and Sakru. Red bullock were attached to the cart, the cart was being carried in the direction of Kandari told Mukesh.

Defense lawyer Adv. Sudhir Jaiswal asked Mukesh various questions in order to verify the distance between Mukesh`s house and Khandari road. Soon Adv. Jaiswal brought into notice that Mukesh testimony was never recorded by CBI and CID; no idea why? The court, however, recorded his statement.

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