Atlast Wall street recognises Caste virus, but in wrong flavour


After 2500 years of oppression and inhuman output of caste system, the Wall Street Journal reporters now found time to write on the Indian problem which has become single most hurdle in creating just society in India from eons.

Click here & read the article. It is a recent article published in Wall Street Journal by an elite non-sense Indian economist studying in USA whose research inquisitiveness is quite at length in realizing the cuasal phenomenon of inhuman caste system. In his article he points it out to Gujjar-Meena trouble going on in Rajasthan to prove his corrosive stance on Indian constitutional provisions for affirmative actions.  Neglecting historicity of caste appertheid & potraying caste related hatred and blasphemies in diffrent bottle form is a daytime activity for readymade journalism. In India social divides have contributed towards instituting graded inequality in India; so much is factual but not noticed in elite circles. There is subtle direliction and lack of focus on the root cause of the caste problem itslef; observed in this article too. However author is also seen very  ambitious in misguiding international opinion on caste systems related affirmative action.  Gujjars-Meena problem is handy creation of psedo-petriots for political and other gains. We have seen in earlier article how it is well-crafted strategy to portray the failure of reservation system as a meachnism to achive an effective level playing field for oppressed. In the same relevance, the guilt is also aggravated on part of author and hence his scholarship on caste issue looks doubtfull & quite premature specially when he opines that affirmative actions such as reservation systems are blunt, redundant and useless.

The half-cooked economist, the auther, Mr Subramaniam should have taken a compounded view on caste-issues of such a social significance in a country wherein social inequity is perpetuated in all spheres of life, observed in cocentrated form down in rural areas where 80% of Indian population reside.  No one knows how many times such economists would have witnessed caste ills like Khairlanjis happening on their own family.  Ground situation is very pathetic; it rquires state attention in offering opportunties and gurantees to depressed communities.  Reservation system is not another poverty elimination program but it is a tool to make subjugated classes confident and parrallel with mainstream from where auther comes. Within 50 years of reservation system gave sigh of relief to these marginalized Indians offlate. One must not overlook the fact that Dalits communities have traveled miles in intellectual, economic and social sphere since then.  72% of literacy observed among Dalits who got converted to Buddhism is just an indication of it. What needs to be done more is to creatively devise strategies that could percolate the advantages to unreached communities. Improving upon inclusiveness in reservation system is one way to go about it.
Sensitisation on caste viruses is a must-task but it is also important to note that when it comes to public platform the written articles should observe simple honesty and ecclectic scholarship. Infact the above article is addressing international audience therefore the need of preserving intellectual integrity is utmost.  But unfortunately Indian caste system provides ladder to selected few with privileged background to rise to levels where they may write with narrow mind and concretize their legitimacy. Also as far as this article goes, we notice that in the business of  making money where Wall Street stands sacrosanct in defining outlook, it doesn’t matter even if the social justice is hijacked by vested interests.  Still then lets hope that oneday some one in editorial board at Wall Street Journal takes notice of such calibrated flaws and rectifies them soon. Lets wait for that Voltaire to rise!

One Response to “Atlast Wall street recognises Caste virus, but in wrong flavour”

  1. People who believe in caste are animals

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