Facist forces show their color: Danger for India


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, one of the longest surviving facist organisation in the world operating from India is not comfortable with Indian constitution right from its inception. Every now and then it creates uproar and tries to press its anti-democratic agenda by asking unwarrented review of Constitution without understanding the core. Even if article 368 is embeded into the Indian constitution; they just deliberately ignore it. Article 368 Indian constitution gives uncurtailed powers to parliament in amending any and every part of constitution. We, at Atroctiynews put simple questions to those who ask for ill concieved reviews. What would be the outcome of review? Which other constitution in the world provides such openness for change? Indian democracy is biggest in the world and it is still working within the Constitutional framework. What makes it today case for review? Why not efforts for sensitisation on apt governance?

The RSS leaders conveniently suite example of France in reviewing the statute book for the fifth time. But how many of the fascist lot have paid heed to values prescribed during french revolution. The head of RSS should know that its not ‘review’ but the social & governing values are quite important not only to be observed but to be practiced in reality. By asking reviews continuously, the ‘anti-nation’ forces  are playing devils game ; potentially hazardaous that could invite anarchy in India.

RSS and its worldwide web (funding of more than 1 b$ approx!blah!)  should work among communities and create models of just society on the values of liberty,equality and fraternty than showing ugly face of humanity. It is documented fact that RSS is driven by few  ‘ChitPawans-Brahmins’ who are more racist and xenophobic. The reflection is clearly seen in agitations against Indian constitution. Beware new India; danger is here, in this homeland, not outside!

Pic01: Tipnis slapping facist force upfront

A very awakward position RSS members landed in when  former IAF chief, Air Chief Marshal A Y Tipnis, defended Indian constituion while delivering a valedictory address to the 850 volunteers passing put of the third year training course of the RSS. Tipnis gave clear slap on the face of RSS leaders. One is patriot in real sense when he stands for human values & peace; than one who instigates chaos & wars.

Just see what Tipnis said during the ceremony:

“Every patriotic Indian should readily agree that we have singularly excellent and inspiring reference point in our Constitution. No matter what our different and often divergent beliefs, persuasions and ideologies, we have collectively committed ourselves to the ideals , values and principles enshrined in it,” said Tipnis who led the IAF’s decisive strikes in the Kargil war.

Reiterating that Constitution was supreme, he exhorted the RSS trainees to work for society without harming interests of anyone and keeping social fabric intact. “Justice and liberty are so paramount that fundamental rights guarantee them to very citizen without distinction of any kind including caste, creed, colour, faith belief and gender,” said Tipnis.  RSS chief took no time to discard Tipnis`s qualified advice in his spheech later.

Constituional values are true need of India, We appreciate Tipnis stand! 
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PS: It is seen how Gujarat( it is called labarotory of RSS) works on the principles of hate ; it would be worth investigating role of RSS in Gujjar-Meena devide in Rajastan that flared up issue of  inclusion among ST. This could jeopardie the affirmative action and reservation mechanism itself. Is this hidden agenda of RSS or they just found new  laboratory in the form of Rajastan to make people fight with each other? Lets leave this issue to New India researchers…

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