Dare to struggle in AIIMS: Ambedkarite-excellence 02AE2007


Born in 1982. Grew up in Etah in Uttar Pradesh. Gained admission in 2002 at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Such a long journey with stupendous effort, Ajay Singh studying in his MBBS final year talks to Tahelka Team in Delhi ……

“I was in Class viii when I first heard about AIIMS, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. My mother was a nurse, and the doctor she worked with in Etah, my hometown, had a nephew at AIIMS. He visited Etah once, and my mother was very keen that I meet him. “You need to read a lot if you want to go to AIIMS,” he said. That’s when I told myself I’d study there somehow, someday.

My father, who drives an autorickshaw, wouldn’t have been able to send me to Delhi for coaching had it not been for my Physics teacher who helped me get a concession on the fees. I got into AIIMS with 66.16 percent, the same as the “General” cut-off that year. Nirpat Singh, the autodriver, and Munni Devi , the nurse, were very proud of their son. It was a big moment for all of us when we entered the campus of India’s premier medical sciences college.

As soon as my parents left, I was summoned by my neighbour, a senior, who asked me to introduce myself. Among other things, I told him I had stood first on the Scheduled Caste list. The next moment I found myself outside the room, on the ground; he had pushed me out. That was just the first day. The next time he tried to insult me, I told him I’d complain. While he never spoke to me as long as he was on campus, he told his friends about the incident and they boycotted me too.

Ever since, I have been reminded of my “low” status every moment I have been here. I was the only “Category” student in my wing. One day, I found this on my door: “Nobody likes you here. F**k off.” On another day: “Everybody can use the carom board, but not Room No 45.” People would bang and kick at my door at all hours, disappearing by the time I opened it. They tried their best to make me leave, but I told myself I wouldn’t, no matter what. I gradually isolated myself from them, and started interacting only with others from the “Category”.

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4 Responses to “Dare to struggle in AIIMS: Ambedkarite-excellence 02AE2007”

  1. 1 thunderbolt

    can any one suggest the cutoff for aiims(mbbs) 2007 examination.

  2. 2 himanshu

    according to me it will be around 65%

  3. 3 Narender

    Very commonly it is believed that seniors commit atrocities over junior staff members. But a news in Times of India, “AIIMS faculty member cries caste bias”, on 25 Sep 2007 is eye opener. A senior Doctor (Dr Suman Bhaskar) has complained to the SC Commission alleging caste discrimination by her colleagues against her, as per this report.

    Dr Bhasker alleged that her repeated requests to senior administrators to solve the issue fell on deaf ears. The concerned Administrators AIIMS director, P Venugopal and the department HoD Dr G K Rath have already been summoned.

    Complete news available at:

    I would like to know from legal experts if this type of discrimination violates the fundamental rights of Dr Suman Bhaskar. (Article 15. Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.)

  4. 4 Sanjay Dongare

    I am proud of you , sir.

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