Lawyers turn inhuman, torture Dalit youth: Caste-virus006UP2007


In a shocking incident, a mob stripped a Dalit youth, tied him to a tree, shaved his head partly, spat on his face and assaulted him for more than an hour in Agra on Tuesday afternoon. All this took place on the campus of Agra district sessions court. Most of the persons involved in the incident were lawyers.

Pic01 : Poor Vinod being stripped..his fault- no one knows…

The Bar Council of India has taken a serious note of the incident and sought FIR details. “This will be dealt with very strictly. No one can take law in their hands,” said Rajendra Raghuvanshi, the vice president of Bar Council of India talking to TOI on phone from Mumbai.

Senior superintendent of police (SSP), Agra, Hariram Verma, quoting information gathered from the police sources by early evening on Tuesday, said that Rawindra had shortlisted a girl and wanted Vinod to marry her.

But the latter was not ready for it. This irked Ravindra who invited Vinod allegedly to his chamber near gate number three inside the district session’s court compound to talk over the issue. When Vinod reached the court, Ravindra allegedly overpowered him with the help of some associates.

In a barbaric incident on Tuesday a group of lawyers in Agra stripped a young man and tied him to a tree in the civil court compound.

They surrounded the man and slapped him and beat him repeatedly for about an hour.

The president of the Bar Association of Agra Pradeep Teharia said, ”if lawyers had done this – then I condemn this”. ”During the probe he [the victim] will be asked whether lawyers beat him or the general public did”.

An FIR has been registered against Ravindra.

Source: TOI

2 Responses to “Lawyers turn inhuman, torture Dalit youth: Caste-virus006UP2007”

  1. 1 parameshwar

    I say that the caste reservation is totally wrong. Because this has the basis of caste. As per my view shalinitai Patil is correct,she has the basis of ecoomy of related person.

  2. 2 Aryaman

    Society cannot restore the humiliation & subjugation of an entire community(millions) who have been undergoing such treatment for thousands of years. Even with reservation, and a modern society with modern facilities, the treatment to those who sit next to you from a dalit background,will remain the same as those in the above mentioned article.
    Armed revolt and Armed response will primarily set things straight. Hindus will not dare do this to a Muslim youth as the reaction will be extremely predictable.

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