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 Cyba writes May 28th, 2007

“I am very happy to see that other than Mahar community in Maharashtra finally realizing that Hinduism is worst religion of the world, it cannot give Nirvana and not even promise of equality, so it’s heartening to see that everyone is coming with Babasehebs philosophy and its the only option for non-Brahmins…

I belong to Dhor Samaj (Veer Shiava Kakayya – oldest movement against caste system but unfortunately converted into Hinduism slowly) this event inspired me to throw Hinduism out of me; soon I will be following my other brothers… long live Buddhism, long live Balistan…

Please post more details on this event

Jai Bhim…”



Certainly Cyba your words bring not only joyous inspiration but help create bridges between communities in a ‘nation’ which is  so much cut into so many castes. We will work on that inspiration further.

We, at Atrocitinews,  try to keep track of socio-economic-cultural ramifications of conversions ,specially, started in the 5oth years of conversion ofDr Ambedkar, father of Indian constitution.  Our conscious efforts are reflected in  regular articles; we also make attempt to get  articles with imminent scholarships from different sources. We do not try to justify the case only for sake of doing it, there is no attraction for doing such thing as our team is composite and members come from different background. Everybody is under check!

But the facts do speak out loudly; we cant control it though. Converted Buddhists in India have 72% literacy rate level way ahead of National average; it is just an indication of rising confidence and ability to move ahead among the ‘converted masses’ who were never given allurement or benefits for conversions. Somebody like Rahul Bajaj would comment on it saying ‘its a product of reservation mechanism’. True, but it also is a part of gradual process which  doesn’t end at formal schooling or recruitment  but it goes beyond and culminate in answering community suffering . It is seen in literature, in cultural revamp and in many events. How can we estimate the gravity of psychological back-up the new moral system gives to converted lots?

It’s true that all synchronised developments do happen within certain framework, they just don’t happen haphazardly. In that context, reservations do provide ladder but not comprehensive framework in promoting efficincy of socialisation and reclamation of an individual. In this context Indian law of land is supreme. The Indian Constitution provides certain theoretic framework for governance and just social order. It enumerate in bold letters trinity of  Liberty, equality and fraternity that has to be adhered by every citizen in order to keep intact the socio-economic and political fabric of India. Buddhism is the only religion as experimented by many supports such framework and sensed by Dr Ambedkar that its powerful way of living life of an individual and society in modern times. It encorporates more scientific, progressive and practical approach towards complete life. More importantly Liberty, equality and fraternity do not remain just operational values there but they are seen at the top, they are spiritual values. Sunsequently, aim is to encourage inquisitive sense of being for assuaging true appetite of suffering world. There is simply no place for miracles in this framework.

While analysing physiology of conversions, we see the pull forces are as pronounced as push forces. No miracle that 150000 people came to occasion; 50000 got converted in a days-time. It is just a process started by contagious recognition that ‘I’m human’. For commentators who contested the genuineness in conversions during the start of year 2006,it is miracle. Even for them the continuous not stopping conversions is  a tectonic happening. Many of the media houses just don’t accept such social transition going on  in India. Nither media editorial dared to write on the event nor common rational mind questions it?  Most of the Indian intellectuals are trapped in false pride of ‘ cultural richness’ wherin caste is integral part and parcel of richness.

Things are not that different in non-caste world,  for few ‘experts in traditional Buddhism’ who claim 100% authority over Buddhas words  suggested organisers of the conversion event that social transformation should be set as first priority much before religious conversions of this sort and magnitude. They also consider such conversions as mere political gimmick and would invite backlash from other sects. To such clergymen thinking, it is time to learn. They should analyse  ‘Pratityasamutpad’ not only in theoretic sense but experience it deeply at symbolical level. In Buddhism symbols have great capacity to transform individuals.  In that context, such conversions are symbolic in nature, they make solid impact on minds of people . Numerous questions are thrown to conscience , first being ‘why should I do this’? Even quest for first question may help people in taking up their own responsibility. It may be vital to break mental slavery. This can demistify the ‘Avijja’. Whats wrong in questioning the necessity of old rubbish religious walls as many times as possible? Absolutely no harm. It is helpful indeed. Therefore even if conversions happen on daily basis, that will some or other way only remind people of their commitment towards making ideal society free of fear.  Good systems are not needed to to be invented always, they can be put into legacy form and adopted upto core.

Seen in different perspective, automatic inheritatance of new system of socialisation to next-generation Dalits is marvelous gift of conversion. No denying ; social transformation should happen. But without recupperation from old social ills such transformation would be farce. The adoption of new and rejection of old ideally should go hand in hand. Divorce of any short may invite debacle of personality. If  debacle happens, blame is not on adopted framework nor even on conversion process but it’s on person himself. 

It is proper for ‘traditional experts’ in Buddhiam to promote healthy social decisions on the occasion of such conversions. It is their responsibility to fullfill the needs of newly converts. Instead they are busy throwing advices full of critics. In a way, they are shading off responsibilities towards good Sangha in the land of Buddha. How strange, these experts seek conversions of wealthy Hollywood celebrities and provide them lama-hood! When it comes to poor dalits, they priscribe social transformation. The buddha’s dhamma never discriminated laymen entry into Sagha because of their background and development. Precisely that is what Dr Ambedkar emphasised in his 6 year long experiential based scholastic work;  ‘Buddha and His dhamma’, the book. The traditional experts should become more answerable to growing needs of the society. Good if they  realise the essence of Dr Ambedkar writing soon. The early the better otherwise  next generation witty Dalits are sure to rise from dust to dawn and make them feel apologised for their old bottle of knowledge & pseudo nobility.

Conversion in Buddhism is all about going refuge to a just social order where every individual takes up cue of personal and social transformation. In a information rich & well connected society individual models are replicated fast. We saw this logic working in Mumbai yesterday; not every body from village turned up for the event neither every member of family went to dice where conversion were actually taking place. Instead representative from village had made his presence felt.  When any person from a family thinks freedom is necessary for better livilihood then chain reaction starts there. The Indian kinship  is such that the ripples are spread in social network so fast that it makes evident as if entire village has come to Mumbai. This is dynamics of social networking. It gives us solid understanding on how efficiency of transformation can be improved with new dynamics.  Fresh Buddhist framework is part of that dynamics. So are conversions.

Without conversions it would be hell difficult to produce an environment free of prejudices even if State machinery with us. The environment where everybody feels his potential is unlimited in becoming ideal human being as Buddha is so encouraging that life becomes creative manyfold in desinging solutions to grave problems. Gradual is then the contemplation  of unconditioning severest tests of highest compassion and wisdom which even expert in traditional Buddhist knowledge would fail to pass in his life time as knowledge is secondary to wisdom. Why should one wait for acquiring intellect when wisdom is begotten in here and now? This brings us to dynamic approach of Buddhist teachings that talks about welfare action and human betterment with model leadership. The models require essential wisdom. A leading view of buddhist life is in taking up one’s consciousness to a level close to Dr Ambedkar’s vision and reclaim his personality for the upliftment of others. This realisation is more than enough output of 50 years of conversion.

Going back to yesterdays conversions, we saw as many as 42 caste in Maharashtra took part in the event. This is not first incidence of its kind.  Low caste and out-caste people are coming in sizable numbers from remote corners of India and joining the stream of novel livelihood based on world moral order and scientific enquiry than just on godly superstition. There are confirmed reports that  right from October 2006 mass conversions taking place in Orissa, Pondicherry, Bihar, Gujrat, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhrapradesh. (for further details you may contact us) No political or no supernatural force is driving such conversions. This is truly amazing initiatve from people who have little or no resources, times they earn less than 1$ a day but cant sacrifice their dignity. ‘What makes them seek new religion?’ is an exhilarating task for contemporary socio-histologist to find, it is better left to the research minds. However it is believed that the spurt in individual consciousness contributed heavily by inspiration from Dr Ambedkar puts cracks to stupid attachment to old apparatus and frees oneself to adopt new framework in order to unleash more value for self, for society, for nation and for world.

Through Atrocitynews small attempts are made to go down to follow the social health of dalits pre & post conversion life. Unfortunately, we find number of atrocities rise  on the converted lot , howver progress is made in education by such lot; Khairlanji is just a case. So converted lot have lot of added responsibility to take up while walking on new path. Many activist including us would be helping the hands by bringing such inhuman atrocities under lens of civil society so that even if State reasoned out cast prejudices, world humanity can make every attempt to prevent State from sleeping away its role.

Otherwise also their life is made net zero by socio-religious walls.Conversions maximise chances of Dalits recovery via social-psychological back-up in new framework. State should encourage such healthy and progressive conversions in order to see India blossoming with responsible and able citizens who adhere constitutional values; those are nothing but Buddhist values.

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  1. 1 Cyba

    Thank for showcasing my commnet and your detailed reply, I will look forward be active on this site.


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