150,000 conversion pictures


π Confirmed reports say it was huge crowd of 150000 ( not 100,000 as reported yday) came here with a will to relinquish old social superstitions and enter moral life followed by Buddha, seen first time after 1956; no surprises, even Chief minister of Maharastra was taken aback.

π 42 caste converted to Buddhism

π 50,000 converted along with families

π Some pictures by print media speaking for themselves:


2 Responses to “150,000 conversion pictures”

  1. 1 Cyba

    I am very happy see that other than Mahar community in Maharashtra finally realizing that Hinduism is worst religion of the world, it cannot give Nirvana and not even promise of equality, so it’s heartening to see that everyone is coming with Babasehebs philosophy and its the only option for non-Brahmins…

    I belong to Dhor Samaj (Veer Shiava Kakayya – oldest movement against caste system but unfortunately converted into Hinduism slowly) this event inspired me to throw Hinduism out of me; soon I will be following my other brothers… long live Buddhism, long live Balistan…

    Please post more details on this event

    Jai Bhim…

  2. 2 mitra varade

    I am very happy to know that after all Dalits are comming out of Hinduism and accepting Budhism. This is the only way to bring their next generation in respectfully in the world.

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