Buddhism conversion gnaws VHP members


Vishwa Hindu Parishad, threatened World Buddhist Organisation members of dire consequences if they hold the mass conversion of about 1 lakh dalits into Buddhism on June 15 in Baroda.

Anant Anand, 27, who later came with a group, indulged in a scuffle at a press conference called by the WBO officials reacting to minister of state for home Amit Shah’s comment: “I do not think dalits can assemble in such a large number,” appeared in The Asian Age on May 22, WBO held a press conference at Baroda on Saturday.

The activist, who managed to get inside the conference hall, claimed that he was the secretary of VHP and a dalit. After the conference, Anant along with about 10 youths barged into the hotel and indulged into verbal altercation with WBO members. The group also tried to ransack the hotel furniture; however, the Sayajiganj police dispersed the group.

Anant said, “The conversion activity initiated by WBO is for gaining political mileage and not in true religious spirit. Under no circumstances, would we allow such mass conversion to proceed in Baroda.” He further said they had come to the conference as per their wish and not under any plan of the VHP.

Earlier at the press meet, reacting strongly to the home minister’s statement, national general secretary of Vishwa Boudh Sangh, Bhante Sangh Priya claimed that they could gather one lakh dalits before Mr Shah’s residence also. He said, “Mr Shah is underestimating the strength of the dalits that constitute about 85 per cent of Indian population.”

On March 23, Boudh Sangh members had announced the mass conversion of about 1 lakh dalits to Buddhism on June 15. The members also criticised the government for not declaring the Buddh Purnima, which falls on May 16, a National holiday.However, no police complaint has been filed in connection with the incident. Meanwhile, in an official statement, Bahujan Sangharsh Manch’s Valji Patel condemned the act of vandalism.

Source: Ahmedabad.com

One Response to “Buddhism conversion gnaws VHP members”

  1. 1 shine

    The VHP is only a Terrorist organisation that is getting support from one the main political party of india. Definitly it has to be banned for the good will of the country same as like the indian Mujahideen and other muslim terrorist organisations. It’s behaviour is evaluated from it’s acivity not on the basis of the words from it’s leaders. Every one can understand in india what VHP and it’s political father BJP is doing . They are splitting the people on the basis of releign not on the basis of his financial and social . The country should promote the right of a citizen to belief in any Releign or faith. Their vision of a Hindu rastra is not good for the nation as all the Releigious based countries are failiure in case of it’s political stability and also in case ofthe human rights. Egsamples are the Pakistan Nepal , and some Gulf countries. india should remain in ot’s state what is now and continue for the good economic and social welfare of the it’s people.

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