State acting Villain after ‘Khairlanji’


 Ridiculous but true; the chances of Senior IPS officer Pankaj Gupta may be rewarded the post of commissioner of Nagpur city police are maximum. Gupta`s misdeeds during Khairlanji let the criminals move out of custody easily. Gupta, belongs to the 1976 batch of IPS, is a senior officer with doubtful corruption history.

Pankaj Gupta — who heads the anti-naxal operation cell — is also likely to be promoted to the rank of Additional DG. “Though Gupta may not be the first choice due to his unfavourable image among dalit population after the Khairlanji incident, he may get political support for the top post, which he has been eyeing since long,” revealed a source in Mumbai.

Though the State government machinery, including Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil, assured to resolve the deadlock of almost three months, it may take longer for the issue to be resolved. Mr Gupta may get into right birth soon.

Following the refusal of K Subramanium to accept the posting of Nagpur CP on ‘personal grounds’, the stalemate was created in March. Since then, more than half dozen names popped up but till date none has arrived to relieve SPS Yadav, who is ‘compelled’ to continue till home department finalises a new candidate. Interestingly, with the promotion being due, all the contenders have sounded keen to take up the responsibility if entrusted to do the job by the government.

In another move State government lead by Congree and NCP shuttled Ratanakar Gaikwad, acting Chief of YASHADA, out to Cooperatives sector. It is said that this is sort of punishment for his getting into State Report on Khairlanji Atrocity where his team appraised people with truth and indicted  Government machinery including Gupta for lackdiasical approch and deliberately covering-up entire investigations at the dictates of political bosses. And money too.

Such is the ridiculous state of state of Maharashtra which is said to be more progressive due to legacy of great reformers like Jyotirao Fule, Dr. Ambedkar, Anna Sathe and Savitribai Fule. Politician are conveying to the world that how greed for power and money can make human values pale. Who is Villain? Following is the Maharashtra statistics on Dalit Atrocities:

According to information obtained  through the Right to Information Act:

  • Between 2000 and 2006, 4,864 cases were filed under the Prevention of Atrocity Act for Scheduled Castes in the state.
  • Over this six-year-period, such cases have seen an alarming 80 per cent rise.However, there were less than 200 convictions, a conviction rate of just one in every 25

WHo is Villain?

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