Dalit woman beaten up: Caste-virus 001MP2007


Yet another incidence shows how a dalit woman when gets empowered a bit; ridiculous Indian social system make her go through tyranny. The contractors of the system make her step down silently otherwise  she is  parraded naked or raped or  beaten till death. In Khairlanji, mother and daughter died for same reasons.

Such empowerment then makes mockery of constitutional arrangements. The responsible state also sleeps and lets the thread go out of hands; helpless in  securing human values of already suffering lot. Following is the case of Ramadevi from Madhya Pradesh; just happned, read and reflect.

A dalit woman member of Panchayat (Village assembly) was  beaten up by the village head after she tried to seek the account of a particular project.

Pic01: Ramadevi…. is being dalit & women my fault?

 The victim Ramadevi has claimed that she had gone to Sarpanch`s house(Elected Head of Village Assembly) to seek the account for a particular development project of the village. Ramadevi is an elected Panchayat member from Tikamgarh in Madhya Pradesh’s Nadias. The village head, Ram Singh Yadav, allegedly refused to give the account and instead manhandled the couple with the help of his son. Police said they have registered a complaint and investigations are on.

A long battle on home grounds needs to be fought for achieving human diginity for effected and excluded but the situation is too wild. Lets make people aware so that many more Ramadevis of India live confident and creative life.  Please write back…

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