A comment to reflect upon


Following is a comment from Dr Rajesh, who has compared the misery on the rural streets in India to the agony in urban life. He suggests social action here.


Caste in academia is evaluated and confirmed at AIIMS, the premier MEDICAL institute of INDIA. A report by SK Thorat has been submitted to Minister of Health and Family Welfare and the governing body members of AIIMS.

What Dr.Sukhbir Singh Badhal suffered at AIIMS is very shocking . If suchincidents are happening even now in the 21st century, that too in a premier medical institute like AIIMS, one can only imagine the plight of other medical colleges.

Why i am stressing the medical college more is, doctors are taught how to look at humanity as a whole while treating patients. If a doctor like Dr P Venugopal the Director who is spreading hatred and casteism in the institute, how can he treat his patients impartially. Probably he has spent his whole casteist life asking his patients about their caste first before treating them and deciding the medicines accordingly. It is a shame that such things still happen. an universal phenomenon in INDIA atleast is that for every one such incident reported, thousands go unreported!

One incident i just read in todays newspaper, not exactly about caste in
academia, is about a dalit women killed on a “missing cow” row in a village in Gaya. Why do such things keep happening when we r busy blaming “creamy layer” garnering jobs and seats in educational institutions. does it not translate that for every individual from dalit community who gets educated and lands in a good job, will bring up atleast 2 -3 of the downtrodden around him (at least inspire them).

Friends, until we take care to see majority are literate and leading a decent lifestyle, we cannot make INDIA strong. we will remain our own slaves in fact worse that the British rule.”


Dear Doctor,

Well thought write-up! Well your words reflect that youth in India is on the way to come out of passivity and is highly concerned for its future. That’s the positive sign. In this direction, what is much needed is transending barriers of caste and community by engaging ourselves in apt social actions. May it be marriage matters or may it be other cultural matters; lets bring humanity first.

Lastly quite importantly; British rule has atleast given ‘rule of law’ and ‘equality before law’ to this country. What has caste system given to India is a perfect Graded Inequality where some group has few interests over other groups which it wants to retain.

with rgds,

Atrocitynews team,

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