A comment to read


 Here is a comment from a Punjab Youth, named Johny who comes from an underprivileged caste background. Hindu Celebrated ‘Valmiki’ name given to a section of Dalit community to which Jonhy belongs by social pundits in India serving nothing better than a methaphor. Naming this way is an effective strategy to contain the rising sentiments of edcuated minds against caste slavery; just like Mr Gandhi coined Harijan for Dalits (claiming they are only heirs of Hari; Dr Ambedkar then asked who are others ?). Imagine; this section of Dalit community  carry nightsoil and clean streets on daily basis. So much of erosion of human dignity in their daily lives; is a simple truth. Other turth is Indian Temples are overflooding with money ; social actions are missing. Metaphoric naming serves silent purpose for those who have interest in Caste system. He writes….

this is johny hans . i am from punjab . i am a valmiki boy . i  am from a normal familiy and i have done 10(i.c.s.e.) 82.5% and 12(c.b.s.e.)77.5%
(non-medical , computers). persuing graduation from punjab university in arts . i am working in international call centre, exl services pvt. ltd. (dell computers ) …..i am passionate to be a media personnel ( on screen ) ……..i have great hand of my mother behind whatever i did ,.,,, throughout my schooling  and in my university i  have my separate identity …..i tells everyone if some one asks me. i am a valmiki boy ………i am proud of  your efforts ….i am a cheerful and thoughtful guy ….agar rab ne chaha to , i will do something good …tell me if could be lucky to serve our community…..jai valmiki ….”


Dear Johny,
The community needs youth like you; you have zeal and determination to create multiple opportunities to people who are stuck-up in the rigidity of caste system. You are an asset to the people with whom you stay.

However Atrocitynews would find such occasions to invite you in participating compassionate action in times ahead.
Till then keep moving with an inspiring awe.

with rgds,

>>fight for dignity is on…

One Response to “A comment to read”

  1. 1 Parthasarathy


    what have you done for your breathens in the same cadre.
    Regards, sarathy

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