BSP @ Centre


Many in elite circles inlcluding Indian media have started noticing after a long time that  BSP is not only an organised National political party but it’s a part of larger movement started way back in India. The movement for just society; some put it not right not left but at centre; the middle path as suggested by Buddha. At least it was founded on these notions. We captured some Media views on this theme. Shekhar Gupta a star columnist for Indian Express notes in his front page artilce in Sunday express:

As the Uttar Pradesh picture became clearer by Friday afternoon, my first caller was Sachin Pilot. Now what does this say for the theory you been putting forward that the voter is moving towards the Centre, he asked? If the voter moves away from both Congress and BJP, is it a move to the Centre, or the fringes?

Good question.

And the answer, as they say, is blowing in the Uttar Pradesh wind. The voter will not necessarily choose only between the two national parties. He is moving towards the centre of the political, ideological spectrum, not towards one party or the other. That middle-of-the-road, inclusivist, positive, forward-looking politics defines his new outlook and echoes this new, aspirational upsurge in — and I repeat — a rapidly urbanising, cosmopolitan India. Now think about which party or leader presented a campaign or an agenda that passed this four-point test: centrist, inclusivist, positive, aspirational………….

 Read complete article on(Oped) Indian express and comment!

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