Khairlanji: Callous ‘Court proceedings’ on May 5


The court assembles at 11:15 but the working of the court is delayed due to absence of Adv. Jaiswal. Then at around 12:30 pm. Adv. Jaiswal enters the court room.

Adv. Jaiswal: Sir, I am sorry for my coming late. There was traffic jam on Nagpur- Bhandara highway because of accident. But I can not say that this was pre- planned by the prosecution.

(Then since the witness is still admitted in the hospital and is not recovered .the consultation for the next date goes on in the court in following manner.)

Judge S. S Das: The dates of next proceedings can be sorted out among yourself.
Adv. Nikam: From 28th may to 2nd June can be taken up.
Adv. Jaiswal: This is not suitable for me because I am going to Nainital to meet my daughter.
Adv. Nikam: then 16th to 18th May can be taken up.
Adv. Bedarkar: Sir, on 16th May, I have my other work concerning the court.
Adv. Nikam: But Adv. Jaiswal will be there and later you can catch from 17th and 18th may.
Judge: My leave during this period has already been sanctioned and I will have to ask for its cancellation to the superior.
Adv. Ajaj Khan: My suggestion is that, every alternate week can be taken for the proceeding.
Judge: This is not a special court and I am not special judge. The dates for the next proceeding shall be given at 2:30 pm till then the court is adjourned.

(The court again re-assembles at 2:20 pm.)

Judge: 16th to 18th May can not be taken since my leave could not be cancelled.
Adv. Jaiswal: Sir, then I suggest 11th to 15th June and 9th to 13th July can be taken.

[Everybody nods in ascent]

Judge: then the courts next proceeding will be on 11th to 15th June(a month later, ohh !). And on next hearing we will decide the dates of proceeding for the month of July. Till then the court is adjourned.

[then the court was adjourned till 11th June. Outside court, there is wide unrest for the longer intervening duration of the next date.]


One activist from Bhandara Mr. Asit Bagde is seen before the TV channels of DD marathi and Zee 24 hours marathi giving following statement.

Asit Bagde: the Maharashtra govt. has cheated us. They had promised us a fast track court. But they have not kept their promise. We will agitate against this.
Reporter: But where are your organizations which were protesting after Khairlanji massacre. Have they fragmented?
Asit Bagde: No, our organizations are still united here. But since this is court there is no need of showing organizational solidarity in the court.

(then everybody gets dispersed showing their deep unrest for the longer intervening duration between dates because during this period the witnesses can be pressurized or bought, and they may prove hostile.)

INHUMAN court & Politics what else!!

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