Dalit power is real Indian urge !


We at Atrocitynews, salute BSP and party activists ( cadre) for their hardwork. They really worked days and night together for many years ; slept without taking food often only to make alive the dream of JUST SOCIETY. A society living on  trinity of  liberty, equality and fraternity as enshrined in Indian constitution!

Their hardwork has resulted into the decisive victory (209/403) in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. The victory is a historic watershed in Indian politics. The immediate consequences will be on Presidential elections. UP assembly is biggest Assembly in India and decides fate of candidates contesting President of India elections. So the win is really reckoning one.

Pic01: Victorious BSP flag, a dalit icon

The victory is also special due to many reasons. Firstly because it has come thru a secular mandate, it would be more meaningful as a model to whole of India . Secondly ispirational; many such dalit victories will follow henceforth and help make onslaught on bloody caste system. But moral is that Dalits have to lead India towards enlightened persuit by discouraging personal security/agendas. Ambedkarites have to take up transformational leadership in every front. Days have come. No wonders, Dr Ambedkar has shown the path already, only need is commitment and team work.

As per as UP election victory goes; now relief is that not  much Dalit-blood will ooze out so easily on the streets of UP ! No Khairlanji will happen in the state atleast! Other states can take up learning a bit atleast for humanitarian essence.

World Recognises: BSP win &  the ‘Watershed’

1. Washington Post

2. NewYork Times

3. Reuters

Long live democracy in India!!Long live human values!!Long live human activism!!

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