Atrocitynews Special: Who says Indian youth is lost?


The author narrates composite efforts taken by a young group in instituting StopAtrocity Helpline. He also provides views of  international experts in tech area while arguing India as a land of  new age leadership


Change is happening to youth in general, be it lifestyle, be it job or be it food there is an urge for newness. Scanty but visible trends are seen among Indian youth; in particular they are onto discovering values and practices leading to dynamism in personal stereotypes.

Box-office hit Bollywood movies like ‘Rang-De-Basanti’ echo under-currents among youth related to civil issues of curtailing corruption, prejudices and other evils.  The Internet technology is acting catalyst in the process. Social networking portals, chatting and blogo-sphere activity is developing as alternative media activity; information speed is doing miracles in every domain. There’re strong indications that technology tools may potentially change rules of the game. Changes are too crucial to adopt at earliest. The model inspired by philosophy of freedom can ride the change for human betterment. In this regard multidisciplinary approach and democratic inspiration paves way for efficiency.

“While opportunities are plenty for a USA Ivy league-pass out”, Financial times reports, “the cases of turning down fat salaried job are increasing and guys are taking up career trajectories that derive personal fulfillment than money”. The trend is piquant; many of these creative creatures are moving into live areas such as micro-finance, social enterprises, environmental issues etc.

Indian Ambedkarite youth has tremendous edge as per as personal goal setting is concerned either due to legacy of Dr Ambedkar’s life or due to magnitude of the problem their society faces. Several low caste communities in India are living in tremendous suffering due to rigid religious foundations. It makes them live on meager community resources. Imagine: Lowest of the low Dalits equel to 1/3rd of Europe are still live life of untouchables in social-economic sphere. 

Ambedkarites believe in Buddhist framework. According to Buddhist logic on suffering and creativity- People who suffer the most carry less material risk but high potential to transform the world creatively. Ambedkarite youth driving the wagon of youth leadership in this century is quite under-accepted view.  However Ambedkarite youth from three generations  have moved ahead and shown multitude of a creative stance over the life-years through arts, dalit literature and songs. Such instances also contributed to their inspiration for struggle for dignity and equality.
As the democratic constitution avails better education opportunity, they often excel in the professions they undertake. Youth here thinks ‘Creatively using technology could be panacea for structural ills’. Group of enthusiast are experimenting with technology tools. They have recently initiated STOPATROCITY initiative and worked for igniting global mind against deadly atrocities committed on their brethren, it’s full-time carrier mission. They put in place online information transaction model thru blog and websiteand also they activated support through helpline intiative.

A global technology geek Ethan Zuckerman, founder of Geekcorps, Global Voices Online , and fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society appreciates STOP ATROCITY model by ranking the blog on his official website .

In his paper ‘Making Room for the Third World in the Second Superpower’ Ethan Zuckerman convincingly puts his views on internet-utility. He writes “Moore’s Second Superpower suggests that a group of people are changing democracy by using a three-part model for social engagement – collect information, comment and debate, then act. These three steps are all being transformed by new technologies. While we continue to be informed by mass media, we’re also getting information from alternative media, published cheaply on the Net, and from personal accounts in weblogs. We’re debating and commenting in entirely new ways, enabled by weblogs, discussion groups, instant messaging and mailing lists. And we’re discovering that these tools also make some forms of action more efficient: fundraising, protesting, and organizing face to face “meetups”.
Ito’s Emergent Democracy focuses on the third, “action” phase, and suggests that forms of decision-making emerging from the world of weblogs might lead to a viable form of direct democracy. In the way that ideas percolate from personal networks, to social networks, to large, political networks, reinforced by positive feedback loops, Joi sees a possible path for decision-making to move from individual thinking to group action

Based on similar approach, the blog was engineered by StopAtrocity group . Later it was conjoined with online and offline supports. Online effort dealt into online registration of cases, online reosurce centre for Atrocity cases while offline effort involves preparing the volunteers training programs, sensitization campaigns and connecting to government machinery.

There is another notable appreciation of StopAtrocity model from OneWorld. One world is network currently consists of 12 centres across the world; harnesses the democratic potential of the Internet for human rights and sustainable development. It produces Digital Opportunity Channel, which network of over 200 organisations in the continent. It hailed StopAtrocity intiative in its report .  

Complete model of STOP ATROCITY is appreciated at global level when it was featured in world’s well read magazine ‘Prospects’.  A complete article was written in the May issues of the magazine detailing on how Ambedkarite Youth are combating technologically. The author is none other than Dale Fishburn, former chairman of Fishburn Hegdes , worlds leading corporate communication consulting firm. Click here  to read the article and feel the output.

On the similar lines, a prestigious magazine ‘ Magasinet‘ running from Scandinevian country ,Norwey, published an article sourced from Atrocitynews. They have been running the article in the May issue of the magazine.

The case is already made by STOP ATROCITY model. The myth that social activism makes professionalism blunt is untrue; on the contrary activism helps  professional in adorning complete personality that inspire others. Ambedkarite youth group who worked for the model are truly on enlightened pursuit for bringing joy and confidence in effected lives. They understand that accepting responsibilities and accomplishing goals this way is one of the essential qualities of World leaders, Dr Ambedkar taught them!


Author is part-time columnist with Atrocitynews and works for StopAtrocity.

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