State prefers Urine than values: Caste-virus 006MH2007


The high–level inquiry committee that probed the purification incident at a ZP school at Surewada village in Bhandara district reportedly reached a deplomatic conclusion that the case was purely a case of superstition and not a caste issue! !!! Denying the reality is simple meachanism used for political hijacking of such grave issues. Perticularly it is hottime for such issue when Maharastra State assembly is dismissed two times consecutive in single session on Kherlanji issue!

Strange is that the act was not seen under Prevention of Atrocities Act against the errant school Head and the lady teacher, who allegedly sprinkled Gumutra in the school premises and on the students. However, both teachers were arrested under the Protection of Civil Rights Act and shifted them to very safe and close school by the district administration following public outrage.

It was alleged that Sharad Kaitade, the new head master of the ZP middle school of Surewada, sprinkled cow’s urine in the school rooms and on students with the help of his junior colleague Madhavi Raut to “purify” them from lower-caste teacher’s “evil spirit”.

Though almost all the teachers and school committee members told the members of the inquiry committee that the Head Master and the lady teacher sprinkled cow urine on students and the school premises only in good intention and for the “well-being” of the students, the lower-caste students still felt that it was intentionally put on them being Dalits.

One of the students, Mayuri Sukhdeve, student of standard V maintained that Madhavi Raut sprinkled Gomutra on only Dalit students.

“Madhavi madam came to the classroom and asked us to get up and sprinkled Gomutra only on us. While doing so, she said that it would purify us and the examination would pass smoothly,” she added.

However, the inquiry committee, headed by VB Wati, the additional collector of the district, met a cross-section of people in the village, the school committee members and the in-charge Head Mistress of the school, Bharati Jambhulkar, who belongs to Dalit community, and came to the conclusion that it was not at all a caste issue. “It was not with only the Dalit students. The cow urine was also sprinkled to students of other communities,” it said ( This is pure concoction or re-engineering) . The report will officially be submitted to the government on May 9 next. The Guardian Minister of Bhandara district, Sunil Deshmukh had ordered a high level inquiry to probe the incident when he visited the village on April 26 last.

The High-level committee  has now contradicted the earlier observations by officials. The so called High Level committee has proved students and parents wrong upfront. It is nothing but a High level Managing Committee.

 A complete reversal of the opinion of administrative appratus is serious matter of worry for sanguine functioning of the bureaucracy in democracy.  The culprit is protected due to majority sentiments another time; what else expected from such highly managed state apparatus? Who needs them?Is India becoming super-power with such apparatus?

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