Comment worth read on Suryawada


 Pradeep Attri writes:

Suryawada case reminds me of what Baba Saheb (Dr Ambedkar)  wrote in his Writting and Speeches on the condition of Dalits.. nothing has changed till now …
• Inequality between class & class, between sex & sex is the soul of the Hindu society
• In Maharashtra an untouchables was required to wear a black thread either in his neck or on his wrist for the purpose of ready identification.
• In Gujrat, they were compelled to wear a horn as their distinguishing mark.
• In Punjab, a sweeper was required while walking through streets in towns to carry a broom in his hand or under his armpit.
• In Bombay, they were not permitted to wear clean or unturned clothes. In fact, the shopkeeper took the precautions to see that before cloth was sold to them it was torn or soiled.
• In Malabar, they were not allowed to build houses above one storey in height & not allowed to cremate their dead.
• In Malabar, they were not permitted to carry umbrellas, to wear shoes, golden ornaments, to milk cows or even to use to ordinary language of the country.
• In south India, they were forbidden to cover the upper part of their body above the waist & in case of women; they were compelled to go with upper part of their bodies quite bare.

Thanks pradeep for those inputs!

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