A complaint from Shimala: Castevirus001HP2007


Atrocitynews has received an e-mail from Shimala, Himachal Pradesh. It is sent by brother Joginder, who is into deep crisis due to caste backlash..

To hear in Joginders own words: He writes….

 “I am a resident of -Summerhill Shimla-5 ,Himachal Pradesh. I belong to a caste which is in Scheduled Caste (ex-untouchables). I have constructed my house 3 years ago. One of my neighbour family from upper caste has blocked my path which I was using from last three years as an approach road to my house. The elder of the family said that he will never allow to reside me in this village and he would do anything but make me vacate this house. My family has been attacked three times since then. I don’t know what fault I have done; whom to ask for help. None in the village community comes forward”


That’s rediculous; though not strange incidence in an independent,democratic India. It a regular feature as elders say.  Atrocitynews is not publishing Joginders contact details for obvious reasons.

Readers if you are residing in nearby area and want to give helping hand to Joginder and his family; just mail us on atrocity@coolgoose.com

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