Suryawada Urine Purification: caste-virus 006MH2007


In the modern India such event are not rare, we saw nude dance of caste-virus  making humanity look pale when the principal in Suryawada school sprinkled cow urine on the Scheduled caste(Dalits) to purify them because they belonged to the untouchable section of society.

We also see the job of government in Democracy is to protect the human values first at any-cost and employ right deterrence to avoid such happening s in future. But in case of atrocities committed on Dalits the speed of action from responsible governments are always lukewarm if not dead.

In case of Suryawada,the State Government has acted late and could only charge-sheet two teachers for temporary reason even if the departmental report suggested strong action against all the seven teachers including the newly appointed Headmaster. Otherwise peaceful Suryawada is under visible tension mainly due to blasphemer & communal fueling of the Shivsena and BJP political wings among OBC block. It is worth noting that OBC block supported the disciplinary action against the school administration earlier. But now they echo with the political gurus (including MLA of the region) and say ,”Cow urine is always sacred for Hindus; so why should Dalits cry if it is sprinkled on them”

When atrocitynews correspondent asked Jotsna & Anuradha, the students on whom the cow urine was sprinkled said, “The teacher sprinkled cow-urine only on us as we were asked to sit in row;  not on others.”

Post incidence, DAlit females are being made target , they are troubled during their . Few youth from community were threatened with murder if they don’t take the complaint back. The DAlit community is under severe  pressure now;no landlord is offering them work. Government officials are watching complete show as mute spectators; many-times they seem busy in convincing dalits for taking back the police complaint than acting on it.

If civil society does not respond the situation can be worst for humanity.

Readers Speak UP; Write strategies to fight against this!

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