Suggested Action-plan: Surywada Urine Purification 006MH2007


In a shameful case of ‘principal sprinkling cow urine on the Scheduled caste(Dalits) to purify them because they belonged to the untouchable section of society’; it seems to be a need of an hour to unite masses, to sensitise them and to make strong structural arrangements to deter such heinous act in future.  To aid such  action-plan,  Atrocitynews correspondent visited the village and got helpful information about the dalit community.

 Suryawada Fact-sheet

1. Total Population:  2500

2. TotalHousehols 450

3. Dalit Household:100(22%)


4. Total Graduates: 50

5. Dalit graduates: 35 (70%)

6 Total Employed: 40

7 Dalit employed :20 (50%)

8. Dalit Girl students are invariably top rank holders in Semester exams in this school but still become targets of social humiliation.


Seeing the fact-sheet, it can be understood for this perticular area that the Dalit community is no-more backward in education, even economically they have recovered a bit but socially they are still seen down. Suryawada dalit community has produced quntum of stalwarts with proven capability in professional and academic spheres who are indirectly helping Indian economy/democracy through their creative output.

Pic01: Inncoent Kids affected due to Caste-virus

Atrocitynews got list of such professionals who passed out from same (Suryawada Cow Sprinkling Zilha Parishad) School.  In such a crucial times their intervention in any form is most needed as they can understand the situation being responsible Indians and also bing  son of soil. Community is bleeding here due to nasty prejudices. We at Atrocitynews, seeing the limited Man-money-knowledge-action resources appeal them to come forward and be there with their village brethren in tough times.

We enlist their names here in an anticipation to bring them together, to inform them and to fascilitate them in responding to the call of village:

1. Dr Kotiram Gajbhiye (MSC, PHD), age 58, he is Scientist in Agricultural department-University of Nagpur. He can take up the case in academic circles and galvanise academitian for peaceful demonstrations. When acdemicians rise; civil society awakens. He can steer a committee to guide the action-plan to make Govt. Act

2. Lengdas Koduji Gajbhiye (retired AGM S.B.I), age 60, he is residing  in Nagpur. His son  is Kishor Gajbhiye who is into Indian Revenue Services, GOI. Both can be of tremendous help to institutionalise the human rights in Indian constitutional framework for affected people in Surywada by pleading it in Courts through initiating PIL.

3. Moreshwar Sukhdeve ( DGM RBI) Pune,age 55. He can be of help in forming the action force for generating the funds for the cause which can help the students to get the support if parents withdraw kids from that school.

4. Padmakar Sukhdeve 42 (Deputy Engineer Civil Department GOM),Mumbai. He called R. R Patil, Home Minister Maharashtra. He is helping in the case. He can be asked to communicate with his colleagues coming from Suryawada on frequent basis.

5. Jagdish Sukhdeve (Engineer, PWD Department, Bhandara) 38. Being into district-headquarter,h can act as news-resource centre for day to day updates.

6. Ashok GAjbhiye ( Manager, Union BAnk, Nagpur) 52.  Nagpur is nearby urban centre and is a place where many socialAssociations and grpuos are concetrated . He can make them aware and help government committees.

7. Dr kishorGajbhiye (PHC, NAgpur) 40. He may document the happenings so that the case can become enlightening guide for others in India. India has so much of castevirus in is rural life; this act will definitely help.

8. Ramesh Gajbhiye (Physician) , 60,staying in Suryawada. He can boost the moral of the local mass through Dhamma talk or psychological uplifting.

9. Bhushan Ramteke, (Comp Science Engineer). He helped draft the initial report. He is now in Delhi. He can still be  effective personal in documenting the case further and conveying to larger groups.

“Anything done; would directly help generations after generations that’s for sure”, says Atrocitynews correspondent.

3 Responses to “Suggested Action-plan: Surywada Urine Purification 006MH2007”

  1. 1 Attri

    This is realy shameful.. this reminds us that condition for the dalits is same as it was 2500 year ago .. really shameful act…

    Is this a 21st century? Cannot believe. This is really shame on all Indian that even after entering in the 21st century when rest of the world is going towards progress & development; India is still there at where it was 2500 years ago. Still practicing fake stupid rituals & customs those never let people to treat equal & expecting of becoming Developed nation with ail these. This seems to be joke. There is a need now to bring a strong Dalit-Bahujan movement so that all this stops.

  2. 2 Attri

    This all remind me what Baba Saheb have written in his Writting & Speeches about the condition of dalits.. nothing has changed till now …

    • Inequality between class & class, between sex & sex is the soul of the Hindu society

    • In Maharashtra an untouchables was required to wear a black thread either in his neck or on his wrist for the purpose of ready identification.

    • In Gujrat, they were compelled to wear a horn as their distinguishing mark.

    • In Punjab, a sweeper was required while walking through streets in towns to carry a broom in his hand or under his armpit.

    • In Bombay, they were not permitted to wear clean or unturned clothes. In fact, the shopkeeper took the precautions to see that before cloth was sold to them it was torn or soiled.

    • In Malabar, they were not allowed to build houses above one storey in height & not allowed to cremate their dead.

    • In Malabar, they were not permitted to carry umbrellas, to wear shoes, golden ornaments, to milk cows or even to use to ordinary language of the country.

    • In south India, they were forbidden to cover the upper part of their body above the waist & in case of women; they were compelled to go with upper part of their bodies quite bare.

  1. 1 Suryawada PIL filed « Atrocity News

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