Govt promises failed: Urine purification 006MH07


Taxing Government only can promise-is proving right time and again.  In Urine purification case of Suryawada village in Bhandara district this is perticulary true due to government inaction for such a long time.

In the last Govt. departmental report, the investigations put entire blame on 7 teachers who were present that day when the Cow-urine was sprinkeled on young SC-ST shtudents in  Suryawada school. Government is still in confused though report is made by its machinary only; what action to take? Contrary actions are natural result of such chaos soon.

And so is the sequel of drama while Mahararatsra assembly session is on, what goverment did is to displace  two of seven teachers namely Sharad Kaitade, and Madhavi Raot from Surywada.  Sharad Kaitade the main accused is shifted to school in Chehadil . Mrs Madhavi Raut is  shifted to a school in Pahela . The displacement has worked as boon than bane to both as it only helped to enjoy fresh tenure with authority at new places. The places are  closer to Bhandara that eases their  commuting difficulties. Also now the places are on highways that makes their life easier and offers silent mandate to openly follow such inhuman-practices in future. The disciplinary action thus did not act as deterance or punishment of any sort .

It shows Government has no-concern for Dalits . It is even unfortunate to learn that even the complainant does not come from affected family but somebody from Government departments that increases risk of hijacking the case anytime.
Meanwhile  it is learnt that V B Vati additional collector Bhandara district ordered a fresh enquiry into the matter to deliberately undermine the earlier reports . The office sent summons to 32 people to remain on 9th May at Bhandara  including those Dalit girl students that may loose  their preciopus daily wages and exams. What a pathetic governance?

Anybody hearing it in New Delhi?

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