Dalit killed for digging well; castevirus 007MH2007


Village name:   Kulakjai                  The Tahsil:     Man
District:   Satara                              Case:   Caste Murder

Madhukar Ghate[48] was a Dalit farmer and father of three children. He retired from the Indian Railways a few years ago and moved home from Mumbai to farm on his family’s 5-acre agricultural land. But being from that community made his life hell. He was not given permission to dig a well in his farm by upper caste landlord. He was murdered last week by upper caste villagers for trying to dig a well in his own premises.

It would have been the first well for Dalit by a Dalit. The police said Ghate was hacked by upper caste community people so violently that even his Earth Moving Machine he was using got damaged.

“They were armed with axes and iron rods. They attacked him and left him to bleed
to bleed till death,”said Tushar. Tushar is a law student and 21 year old son of Ghate`s.

One Response to “Dalit killed for digging well; castevirus 007MH2007”

  1. 1 Tshering Lama

    Are we Indians still living in the stone age period where compassion and religion means just a hype. and nothing else, i.e. Indian Hyprocasy

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