Huge loss: Lieutenant dies


What can be a sad event than the death of Lieutenant of humanity; struggling for equality and dignity ? Loss of Nitin Dongre has done irreparable damage to peace order which is taking shape in the heart of India in first decade of 21st Century

On Sunday,29th April, Nitin Dongre, a core member of Atrocity news team died in a road-accident near Wadsa 120 Kms east Nagpur. A fast running truck dashed the bike that Nitin was riding and his friend Raju Wahane(Atrocitynews Photographer) pillion. The truck vanished off the spot in no time leaving behind injured. Nobody  ever saw that bloody truck. Later when tresspassers noticed, they took Nitin and Raju to local Rural Health Centre (RHC) at Wadsa,5.6Km from the spot,where both gained some consciousness.  Dr Bawane (1997 IGMC batch) was a medical officer who attended them with no-urgancy. While on job, he  said, “My service rules do not mandate me to accompany serious patient to nearby Hospital 15 Kms off even if the RHC has no facilites.” So while in transit Nitin was neither given fluid nor oxygen nor even attendant.  Sheer negligence and ill infrastructure at RHC proved fatal and claimed Nitin`s precious life. Raju is stable with gross collar-bone frature. However Nitin breathed last on the way to Brahmapuri. The inspiring life vanished all of sudden at the age of 32.

nitin dongre
Pic01 Ever compassionate-smiling Bodhi, brother Nitin Dongre

Nitin is survived by retired father, mother and two brothers. He was unmarried. For his family he was the sole support, for colony he was the guide, for community he was the beholder of triple gems and for nation he was the torchbearer of human values in next century.

With his death, the wave of non-sectarian youth-leadership in 21st century in India receives a serious jolt. A man with several distinctions was known as Compassionate Ratna among various friend circles. He was a banker by profession but social activist by approach and kind at heart.

Taking about him and his professional skills, he was working with State Bank of India in managerial capacity and recently was qualified for an International assignment in NewYork. He was good manager at work-place. His collegues appreciate him for his 100% involement in his job. He commanded knowledge from multiple streams. He was natural trainer to many. His speech had an impressive flavour that could make things simple to understand. His ability to travel long miles with concerned outlook and kind spontaneity  in dealing with diffrent people made him a highly networked -man among elite professionals and also among underprivileged poors in slums and on pavements. He could communicate with children and old age people with the same ease. He used to think everyone has ability; what needs to be done is to only give them right opportunity and support. Therefore he could go long way to help anybody breaking any economic or social barriers. With his able support many graduates have turned into successful Doctors, Engineers, Civil servants, Bankers, MBAs and committed professionals. Dr Ashok, Nagpur, who saw Nitin as big brother now works with Indian Army says” His death has turned my life upside down, he was real brother to me. I would never get such teacher in my life. I am here because of him. Wish I could have saved his life!”

Do we often see people who preach & pratice generocity to the extent of giving up his/her entire earning for a cause not so personal but strongly social in nature given family condition is broken ?  Nitin gave unfreezing time for community cause; may it be matter of education of poor or issue of Kherlanji injustice or case of mass awareness on human rights or financial assistance to needy.  His life clearly shows how a professional can still be a true human in substance. He groomed complete-personality such a way that any human on this planet would love to have the one.  Great are those parents who could produce such a jewel and trained him in the way he became. Parents we salute you!! 

His life is a saga of inspiration and commitment, coming from disadvantaged background; he achieved heights and cracked all worries of psychological and philosophical nature; always smiling person. “He is a gem of person”, says Haresh a social activist from Pune.  Some western thinkers who visited India during their study-tour were glad to meet him who could help them in their studies and travel. Some of them are the likes of Christopher Jefferlot, a French scholar ,David Blundell , scholar from USA, etc. Dr Satish from Bhandara who worked closely with him post Kherlanji Massacre says,” Such people are rarely born; I lost my companion, I have added responsibility now”

He is much admired personality in the Buddhist movement in India. He travelled South India last year to educate people on Dhamma. He was deeply interested in Dhamma practice and theory. Many of the colleagues took inspiration from him  how  purity builds character. One of the contemporary leaders from the movement says,” His loss is one of the great losses to the Dhamma movement among youth. He was a jewel”

On social front, every word could fall short to describe Nitin’s work. One can only imagine what sort impact he left on youth in the locality he lived. It is still visible in every home. Every single member of the family is shocked and crying when they heard the news. The colonies wherever he resided; may it be Bhandara, may it be Nagpur or may it be Pune or Mumbai are full of tears!

He was never seen by friends around anytime disturbed for personal reasons, always happy and cheerful; ready to help others at any cost. Atrocitynews team experienced his commitment at every needy hour. Without him it would have been nearly impossible to work so fiercely on the Khairlanji issue. He is the one who made available rented accommodation, computer systems, Digital camera and other equipments for the online and offline efforts. His travelling to caste infested/violant areas on bike for taking stock of the situation through interviews and photographs was truly adventurous job. He did this till last movement of his life that too with undefiled joy. His journalism was of rare breed though he had no formal education in journalism. Nitin always said, “My job is to aid to the project of equality started by Dr Ambedkar. So little is done, so much I have to do. I have to help those who are not reached. Hey, what are you waiting for? No planning; Lets do it.”

Dear Brother Nitin, the nation salutes you for your courage, compassion, commitment and hard work. Generations after generations will remember a jewel was born in Jambudvipa who had lived a humane yet characteristic life of an ideal Bodhisattva!

Rise up youth be courageous and fight this battle of injustice as done by Nitin. He is inspiration for us. Let’s bring happiness in the lives of many whose homes are dilapidated!  Let’s come together and promise generations that we can make this world better without any prejudices and bring happiness alive! Lets take owe to work towards completion of the project of equality!!

Nitin`s death brings sorrow to many of us, but we don’t have to fall into the trap of sufferings again and again; that has zero output. We have with us legendary communication by Buddha when he was on death bed. His words surely help us not only in overcoming the shock but give us right framework that finds immortality. Immortality? Yes, for every one of us immortality can come only if we act with diligence. Creatively and diligently working for humanitarian cause is a way to end personal and social sufferings; however strong they are!

“Vayadhamma Sankhara, Appamaden Sampadeth”–Last words of the Enlightened One in Pali.

Meaning in English:
“Every component being is impermanent, strive hard with diligence.”

2 Responses to “Huge loss: Lieutenant dies”

  1. 1 Rahul

    Its shocking and unbelievable that brother nitin dongre is no more with us.This country has lost its shining star.A star which will be born once in millions of years,a star who will be remembered for his work for millions of years.Its a great loss for all of us who inspired from the work of Nitin.
    I would be very happy to provide any kind of support to Nitin’s Family.

  1. 1 In the memory of Lieutenant of humanity « Atrocity News

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