Indian hypocrisy: Caste system is reality but Caste census is divisive


 A recent suggestion from Supreme Court on Caste-based-census has invited vibrant dialogues among various educated circles; the force behind the arguments is quite illuminating in regressive way. Most of the educated lot hurriedly seen to arrive at a spike conclusion that Caste census would prove to be a dividing factor in ne0-democratic Indian society so caste based census is quite unnecessary and can be an evil.

However far from distant imaginations of the participants in the discussion forums are the experiences one has on ground reality.  Such indivdual experiences which are not generally discussed on many public forum suggests us that caste system still finds its way in everyday life in Indian society.  (Readers may find evidence in the comments sent to Atrocitynews).  Many of the Indians are just slaves of this apartheid system either due to authority it provides over others or due to plastic mindsets it created from ages consciously or sub-consciously.  Such an inhuman scheme of skewed distribution of resources in favor of few caste groups and simultaneous social discrimination is not observed in any other part of the globe, it is unique and only seen in Indian subcontinent. Even after 55 years of accepted liberal setup, Indian society is still to adjust to the progressive democratic goals.

In  mature democracies ; its binding on state , courts and citizens to empower suffering people groups, frame different policy measures to make them avail equal life opportunities. This gave to birth of affirmative actions and social security norms in USA.

And here in India; forget the affirmative action, but so called educated lot living in urban localities coming from very stipulated caste background register their continuous protest against government initiatives for such schemes. Recent one is their protest against the census on caste. The fact is  caste based analysis  was die hard necessity right after independence. From that time, Indian Media deluded masses more often than not opposed such state initiatives shamelessly. And still doing the same . It is not only hypocrisy but crime against progressive democracy. Does Indian society aim to be democratic or want remain fossil one and afford non-answerability towards the rights of suffering people? Why are people here so afraid of reflecting upon reality?

Reality is caste system exist, caste virus exists.  In order to find antibiotic on this mind born discriminative virus one must know the nature, size and depth of its infestation. Census is just one way to see extent of caste virus infestation which is 2500 years old. Why to be so blind/against towards it?

Read today’s Economic Times (we have attached the article below). It is a pink/business paper targeted to wealthy sections of Indian society. It puts the news in such a frame that commons will see Caste census activity is very notorious. Even to the extent, the paper quotes old Congress politician against. How can media establish their views on such grave matter based on a politician’s non-qualified statements who had least academic interest in studying anatomy of social systems in India in neutral manner and only had interest in political maneuvers.

Young India needs philosophers, social scientist, economist, anthropologist, physicist, mathematicians, constitutional experts and moral politician, not separate, but all in one human personality just like Dr Ambedkar. Young India! Let’s wake up and rise up for helping others who are suffering the most from ages!!

Let’s  SPEAK UP!

Let’s AQUIRE those skills!!


Cong spikes demand for caste census;  

Date April 03, 2007


New Delhi: In a clear indication that the government might not easily give in to demands of quota votaries for an OBC head count, the Congress on Monday said that a caste-based census could prove socially divisive.

“Till now census has never been held on the basis of caste (in independent India). There is a reason for this practice, though the constitution does not prohibit it. If there is a caste basis to the census it would lead to divisions in the social fabric,” Congress spokesperson Satyavrat Chaturvedi said.

He added that the Congress was for “census the way it had been conducted since 1951” and said that if there were “other views”, they would be sorted out through “consultations”. Congress sources also opined that holding a caste-based census now would be akin to “opening a can of worms” with “serious repercussions”.

The party has made its position on the issue known even as the UPA government mulls a way out of the Supreme Court’s stay on OBC reservations in higher education. While putting the implementation of the quotas on hold, the court had noted that what might have been relevant after the 1931 caste-census cannot be the “determinative factor” in deciding the quantum of backward castes in the country now, and had called for “periodic identification” of who constitute the backward classes in its 30 March interim order.

Congress allies such as Mr Ramvilas Paswan of the LJP as well as NDA members such as the JD(U) have asked the government to conduct a caste census in the wake of the SC ruling to fix the exact number of OBCs in the country.

There are also indications that sections of the government are willing to go along with the idea of recalibrating OBC figures through a census with the expectation of finding the number to be much higher than what it is thought to be now (52% according to the Mandal commission; the National Sample Survey puts it at 41%).

Other political parties, including UPA constituents such as the DMK and PMK as well as the BJP, are unlikely to turn down the idea of caste-based census in public though none of them have asked for this action yet.

B P Mandal, the author of the Mandal report which formed the basis of the V P Singh government’s decision to introduce reservations for OBCs in employment in 1990, is said to have asked three home ministers — H M Patel, Y B Chavan and Gyani Zail Singh between 1978 and 1980 — to conduct a caste-based census.

Mr P S Krishnan, the advisor to the HRD ministry in the OBC quota case, recently said this request of Mandal’s had been turned down all three times on grounds that Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, independent India’s first home minister, had decided in 1950 that there would be no caste-based census from 1951 onwards.

According to Mr Krishnan, Patel was of the view that such a census could have caused divisiveness. Mr Mandal had submitted his report to the centre in 1980.

The question of how to tackle the court’s observation on the nature of the available data on OBCs and its questions on how the government had arrived at a figure of 27% for reservations to OBCs in higher education will be debated at the UPA-Left meeting announced by the government on the issue.

2 Responses to “Indian hypocrisy: Caste system is reality but Caste census is divisive”

  1. 1 clash

    There are some sections of the society that holds the view point that, these atrocities never happen anymore in shining India. Reservation for sure is a contentious issue and it should not be used for political gains but it should prevail in an utter prejudiced socitey of this kind but should be implemented scientifically.

    I understand the upper caste mentality never changes but this is the only way to give the downtrodden of the society a chance to improve themseleves and move ahead. “equality” which was being ranted by the protesters against the reservation is just an illusions. Months after these protest a Dalit family in Khairalnji was butchered, I dint see any of the equality vouching Rang De Basanti crowd in the streets.
    The Media which seems to be the saviour of lot India also holds a prochial view point about this issue. A look at this article by Sainath – One of the Rare exceptions among the Indian jounrlaits “might” give you an insight in to this fact.

    “why somebody else has to suffer for doing no bad to others????” – Who is this somebody? The majority are ingrained with these dogmatic caste principles, where they dont have the guts to still go against the status of the family and step out of your caste and religion to have a marriage. They dont try to break these dogmas working against it, but they want the easy method – Stub the privileges offered to the under dogs as they are eating up our pie. Now to make a note : South India, which constitutes the better performing states in India have reservations for different communities including Muslims and christains (Kerala). Mind you this dint degrade the quality of education doled out or did it take away the opportunities for others. It has helped only people from the backward areas to be part of a developement which is wholesome than peripheral. Tamilnadu has a rural quota and i know innumerable number of students who came to my college under that quota – they were from the lowest sections of the society but right now working and having a decent enough life. No wonder they are on of the fastest developing states in India.

    In a system where only personal interests previal, it is difficult to devor some truths . But that doesnt mean that it is not the truth.

  2. 2 action

    Dear Clash,

    you are right!! The truth is that the caste mentality is socio-psychological phenomenon. It is seen direcly on surface in rural areas wheras is seen undersurface(subcosncious) among urbanites.

    250 million people i.e. FOUR TIMES population of UK are suffering directly from it. Apart from lukeworm govt intiatives, more interesting is to see response from Civil society. Shocking would be to find % of total NGOs in India working on the caste problem. And within those, high caste participation/involvement.

    According to my tentative understanding; its not more than 0.001%.India is land of NGOs and destination for huge funding from philathrophist and international agency.

    Simple case is even in the earthquake or tsunami catastraphe Dalits are descriminated at the hands of such NGOS; what can be worst than this?

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