Affirmative action: Doctors speak up!


Senior consultants, resident doctors, students and scientists from the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences and other medical colleges in the Capital staged a silent protest near the Supreme Court here to express their anger at the recent stay order granted by the Court against the implementation of 27 per cent reservation for the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in institutions of higher education.

“It is shocking that the Supreme Court should have said that reservation was dividing the society”, while it is common knowledge that caste division has existed in India for thousands of years and gruesome incidents of caste discrimination are an everyday occurrence. The Judiciary should try to heal the rift rather than intensifying it, by such uncalled for judgements,” said Progressive Medicos and Scientists Forum spokesperson Vikas Bajpai.

Protesters also maintained that the ruling party too had little sincerity in upholding its declared intent to implement reservations.

“The non-committal attitude of the Government towards implementing OBC reservations was very clear form the time of the anti-reservation agitation itself when the Prime Minister met the anti-reservation group breaking protocol, while he has never had the time to meet us, the only organisation that has carried a sustained struggle for proper implementation of the reservation. The ruling party has tried to create an illusion of being supporters of `reservation policy’, while their actions have exposed their desire to use these sections merely as vote banks,” added Dr. Bajpai.

One Response to “Affirmative action: Doctors speak up!”

  1. 1 Dr rajesh

    with the biased attitude of the indian media and the indian judiciary, the younger generation has lost confidence in them. there is no point in symbolic protests anymore ! all they give attention to, is when there is some sort of violence involved.

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