Ambedkarite excellence 01AE2007: Perfect Joint


‘Mr XYZ’ (name removed) coming from ex-dalit background has proved in himself a research genious by innovating a bio-metal. His efforts have shown world  that Dalit intellect is a part of potetial creativity that if released can increase world creativity; multiplying betterment of many. It should be noted that Mr XYZ  has done it despite many structural odds. However it is also true that the deep commitment towards eliminating community suffering is a distinctive dimension to personality, if acquired, many generations would definitely salute such intellect !

We, at Atrocitynews, feel sorry for removing this article.  The `said’ scholar called up our team and expressed his inhibitions to continue the news on Atrocitynews channel; fearing backlash from peer group that can jeopardize his social and professional life in USA. We also learnt that if same news goes on another channel; there is no problem. 

What you say readers? Please post your comments>>

—————- Some Clarifications on WORDS that we use————-

At condition level: ‘Untouchable’ has connotation of social exclusion from main social processes whereas  ‘Dalit’ indicates social suffering due to caste system.

At aspirational level : ‘Ambedkarite’ connotes individual aspiration for values [liberty, equality and fraternity] into his/her thought process whereas  ‘Buddhist’ indicates accepted life mode directed to universal peace.

At all level: ‘Indian’ is an identity to enjoy constitutional rights and do citizen duties.

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