Atrocity in Pawar`s Home: Castevirus 003MH2007


Two boys have been arrested in Bavaninagar in Baramati six months after they molested a dalit girl. The police initially refused to register the girl’s complaint. In July last year 20-year old Reshma Patole was molested by upper caste boys Maruti Zagde and Nilesh Jamadar while she was going to college.

Patole was also regularly taunted afterwards. “For six months we have been seeking justice but the police did not do anything,” Patole said.

“The boys kept harassing me. They would make fun of me saying education is not meant for dalits,” she said. When the boys found out Reshma had tried to register a complaint, they went to her house with a few other villagers and beat Reshma and her mother.The injured women went to Baramati police station but police did not help saying their locations were not covered by that police station.

“They wanted to take Reshma on their bike. I stopped them and they started beating us. If I had not intervened they would have taken my daughter away,” the girl’s mother said.

“The village people are the witness. Even the police did not help us instead they too abused us,” she said. A complaint with the police was registered with the help of Lahuji Shakti Sena, an NGO working for the welfare of Dalits.

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