Kherlanji query & updates


Following is the query sent to Atrocitynews.
“Thank you for your breaking coverage of this important case. My question is on the current status of those arrested. Have they been released on bail? Is the case still being investigated? When is it expected to come to trial?
With best wishes,
Alan Horn”

Q Have the accused in Kherlanji Buddhist massacre been released on bail?
A-No, the accused are still in  Magistrate custody and they are not granted bail yet. One of the main accused BJP MLA  Madhukar Kukde is still not arrested.

Q Is the case still being investigated?
A-Yes, the case is been investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the foremost investigation agency of India.

Q When is  the case is expected to come to trial?
A-The case can come for trial only after the charges are framed within 90 days.

One Response to “Kherlanji query & updates”

  1. 1 Rahul Bhandare

    it is really important to know about certain importnatn cases. such as kherlanji case and also the baban misal case. so hereupon i request the people who were and who are dealing with the atrocity cases. the observation is that till the case is registered it remains in great limlight but as soon as some days pass it becomes the forgotten event. so dear friends keep in touch and lets inform everone about the detail updates on the cases. so accordingly people working on this issue can help and contribute for the convition of the cases.

    jai bhim

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